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phycics question

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Posted by zura_slambergurlz on December 27, 2011, 4:32 pm
Questions to think about?
Why are some flashlights brighter than others? Why is it important
that all of the batteries point in the same direction? What is the
difference between old batteries and new? What makes a flashlight
suddenly become dim or bright when you shake it?

Posted by Jim Wilkins on December 27, 2011, 5:47 pm

Why are some people?

Same as sled dogs.

Better judgement.

It was napping.

Posted by Gordon on December 27, 2011, 10:58 pm

Posted by Jim Wilkins on December 27, 2011, 11:58 pm

If one is reversed the others will force current through it backwards,
overcharging it until it pops open and leaks corrosive electrolyte fluid.
[Snip possibly gurlz-inappropriate speculation on why sled dogs in line all
want to point in the same direction]

Old ones have less remaining capacity. If mixed with new ones they can be
drained empty and then charged backwards, again causing messy leakage

One of the wires from the glass bulb is soldered to the base's center
contact. The solder oxidizes slowly and becomes a bad connection but it's
soft enough that shaking the flashlight may let the battery wipe the solder


Posted by Martin Riddle on December 30, 2011, 12:25 am


Isn't it a chemical reaction between the lead alloy solder and the
Nickel plating on the cell that causes the Oxidation to form?
(sort of like the reaction between gold and tin)


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