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recommendation on 2-speed swimming pool pump - Page 6

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Posted by Oren on October 30, 2010, 8:52 pm




From my utility company web site: (offers $00.00 rebate)*

"While Two-Speed Pumps are adequate for older pools, Variable-Speed
Pumps presently provide the greatest potential for energy savings.
Variable speed pumps allow greater flexibility and can be programmed
for multiple speeds at the desired flow rate for each application."

 Here are several good reasons to replace your single-speed pool pump

- Save up to 80% on energy costs associated with pool operation

- Variable speed pumps run cooler and quieter, which helps the pump
last longer

- Filter works more efficiently to keep the pool water more clean,
clear and healthy "


I would consider the Pentair brand.

Posted by The Henchman on October 31, 2010, 10:06 pm

can anyone recommend a specific type or brand of pump/motor, 1 HP max, for
swimming pool?

my current understanding is that there are two speed motors that run at low
(half power) enough to
circulate water and can be switched to the full speed to run automatic pool
(like creepy crawly, pool vac)


I use a Hayward for an inground 16 x 32 x 9.5 ft pool.  It's 230 v x 7.5
amps.   Most people in my town use Hayward motors and all three swimming
pool sales and service shops sell them and recommend them.

It's easy to prime, and easy to clean the strainer.  My pump runs 24 hours a

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