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? simple way to add PF correction run capacitors? - Page 2

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Posted by Daniel who wants to know on May 25, 2011, 4:28 am

Yes, but any time you hook a capacitor to an inductor you have just formed a
simple LC tank circuit, AKA an oscillator and the voltage can spike when
they are removed from the source.  If you accidentally overcorrect a motor
with too many capacitors (too much capacitance) when it is unhooked but
still spinning it will temporarily become a capacitor excited indiction
generator and the AC voltage will rise till the motor's core begins to
saturate.  440V just gives you more headroom.

They are great, but the motor itself will bleed off the residual charge if
connected properly.  As I said don't hook the caps across a generator's
output without the motor unless you like the possibility of letting out the
magic smoke.

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