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strategy for saving power on pool pump use

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Posted by Kim on April 4, 2007, 5:12 pm
perhaps the distinguished readers here might share a similar situation or
have ideas to share.

have tried to figure out a way to save on electric bill but not lose my nice
swimming pool (diamondbrite), thus came upon the idea that perhaps it's ok
to run the pool pump only every other day when temps are in the high 80's
and only twice a week when temps are below 80's

have tested this out now for a couple months, with weekly chemical level
tests as well as 2nd party independent validation to the local supply house
where I also take a water sample

I also installed a new 1hp energy efficient pump but hey, it's still sucking
a mighty 750-850 watts when running and that is almost as much as the
smaller of two compressors on my dual compressor heat pump (heat pump for
cooling house, not for heating pool water as the water is always
sufficiently warm)

besides running that 750-850w for a continuous 6hrs at a time, is this sound
thinking or am I on the way to destroy my pool surface with this method? in
case it matters, I keep the filter clean and pool is screened so there is
virtually zero debris daily

Posted by somebody on April 4, 2007, 6:42 pm

Fill in the pool with dirt.  You'll save about $00 or more a year,
between chemicals, electricity, insurance, and other factors, and you
can excavate it just before you sell.

If you want to save electricity, buy an "Aqua Jet".  About 100 watts
and the filtering is done in the bag.

IMO, pool pumps are one of the most inefficient and ineffective
methods of cleaning possible.  Take in water, clean it, mix it back
into the dirty water, repeat.  An efficient system would have the
pool, a pump and filter, and a second empty pool or bladder.  The pump
would move the dirty water to the clean bladder until the pool was
empty, then any debris cleaned out, then the water replaced.  That
ain't goinna happen.  In a rectangular pool, a moveable wier or
barrier could do something similar.  Put the barrier at the far end of
the pool Pump water from near side of the pool past the barrier to the
far side, and let the barrier move from the far end to the near end.
That ain't goinna happen either.

The Aqua Jet does about the best possible compromise, it gets close to
the floor of the pool (the dirtiest part if you use flocculants) and
scoops that water and dirt into the filter bag.  An hour of cleaning
like that can be more effective than five hours of running the big

Don't think you'll save much money though, these toys are expensive,
costing $00+ for one capable of cleaning an in-ground pool.  They
also do wear out over time, although they are better built than most
of the competition.

Posted by Solar Flare on April 4, 2007, 10:45 pm
 This would apply to forced air furnaces also. The idea is to take it
from the worst part and put it back in the best part of the pool.

In Ontario you would have to fill in the pool with dirt to sell your
house to somebody that will install their own pool. Stupid but it
devalues your house.

BTW: Most pool owners here admit to nothing over $600-$900 per year.
These are the pool defenders. We have aprox. 3-4 months of pool
weather if you heat it.

Some have put timers on their pool pumps to reduce their bills. PV
panels with thermal coolers come to mind come to mind here.

Posted by Ulysses on April 5, 2007, 3:39 pm


I'm not sure what an "Aqua Jet" is but in my experience having an automatic
pool vac (I had a Barracuda) significantly reduced the time I needed to run
the filter/pump.  Don't ever let your chemical levels drop below acceptable.
Keep your DE filter clean.

I made an ozone generator when I had a 24 foot round above ground pool and
it reduced my chlorine and acid consumption by about 30% each.  It also
reduced the time I needed to run the filter/pump by about 1/3.  The water
was much clearer with the ozone.  I didn't ever try it with my built-in
pool.  My ozone generator only used about 14 watts.

Posted by Epictitus on April 7, 2007, 12:47 pm
 care to share any links?  I'd like to check out how you built it.

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