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thorium - the only authentic substitute for oil and coal

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Posted by Christopher on May 7, 2010, 3:52 am

I just added this FUN FACT paragraph to my web page on thorium power


"Thorium is more abundant in the earth's crust than tin, and only
slightly less abundant than lead.  The United States alone has
hundreds, if not thousands of years worth of low cost thorium fuel
available from domestic sources, and total world thorium supplies are
enormous, with estimates ranging from a 10,000 year supply, to a
supply lasting millions of years.  Until now thorium has been a waste
product that has been thrown away by burying it in deserts and in old
mine shafts.  If we really wanted to find thorium with the same
interest we have in finding oil, we could probably obtain more thorium
than the human race will ever need to use.  NASA rocket
scientist Kirk Sorensen stated that "The amount of thorium it would
take to power my whole life is the size of a marble that would fit in
my hand.  The amount of coal that would power my life would bury my
yard to 30 or 40 feet.""
We have lots of thorium on hand above ground with no need to actually
mine it for a very long time.  If we make synthetic gasoline with
thorium power, water, and atmospheric CO2 using the GREEN FREEDOM
process, there will be no great need to drill for oil in the ocean.
We will probably always want to use oil to make plastics and
chemicals, but we do not have to use it for fuel if we switch to
thorium power.

For details see:


Christopher Calder

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