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Home Power Home Power/Home-Made Power for Off-Grid Living. 68763 get latest Home Power topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Soft-start circuit for refrigerator? | posted by bob prohaska on 12-12-2021
Does anybody have experience with soft-start circuits for domestic refrigerators? The goal would be to minimize the size of inverter or generator needed to run a fridge during an outage. My presen...
Electricity from Sun - generating electrical energy from the Sun photovoltaic technology discussions 25748 get latest Electricity from Sun topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Photovoltaic and Thermal solar systems programs | posted by Alireza - Михаил Mohamma on 02-14-2021
there are two different programs to design photovoltaic systems: 1- PVsyst 2- PVsol if you want to design a thermal solar panel like water heating systems, Tsol by valentine is the best one. the...
Heating with Sun - Heating with solar energy 12983 get latest Heating with Sun topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Solar Chimney | posted by Ryan Barr on 12-10-2021
I've been advised by Geoff Lawton to use a 6' x 8 diameter black pipe to v entilate and cool my home. Air from underneath a vine-covered pergola will be pulled into the home from the poleward side...
Toyota Prius - Best car on the road 8479 get latest Toyota Prius topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Re: Toyota Prius Memochat | posted by pgd on 05-19-2019
On 19 May 2019, unclejr posted some You can buy a refurbished matched battery from green tec auto for $000. They work like a champ. As for the mileage, we put one of those batteries in a 2010 ...
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