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Home Power Home Power/Home-Made Power for Off-Grid Living. 68706 get latest Home Power topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Wind Solar unreliable compared to Gas Coal Nuclear | posted by contact on 09-27-2021
When the wind stops blowing, the electricity stops flowing!
Electricity from Sun - generating electrical energy from the Sun photovoltaic technology discussions 25751 get latest Electricity from Sun topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Photovoltaic and Thermal solar systems programs | posted by Alireza - Михаил Mohamma on 02-14-2021
there are two different programs to design photovoltaic systems: 1- PVsyst 2- PVsol if you want to design a thermal solar panel like water heating systems, Tsol by valentine is the best one. the...
Heating with Sun - Heating with solar energy 12984 get latest Heating with Sun topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Biden a math challenged fool. The USA has no significant emissions to cut. | posted by Rudy Canoza Neodome Forger on 05-10-2021
The US has abdicated virtually all emission creating manufacturing to China, India, Africa and South America. If the USA could possibly stop everything releasing or creating emissions, it wouldn...
Toyota Prius - Best car on the road 8484 get latest Toyota Prius topics as an RSS feed  
Last post: Worthless Crap in this group | posted by mark b on 08-30-2020
Last time I will be checking this out.
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