Saturn Aura Green Line: What do you call a “hybrid”?

May 15th, 2007

Saturn AURA Green Line Ad by Saturn
I came by this Saturn ad today and could not resist to click. The ad said: “Most affordable hybrids in America”. Wow, wouldn’t that be interesting to look at? I clicked off to the Saturn website expecting to see the specs of their hybrid vehicles. Nothing really jumped at me and so I looked around trying to find those hybrids. Found precisely two – VUE Green Line and Aura Green Line – that looked like they might be hybrid vehicles. Well, that’s fair – two is plural. Let’s take a look at this Aura ad I’ve found. Read on, it will be fun! Click here to continue reading »

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2007 Prius Battery Level Indicator

Apr 27th, 2007

2007 Prius battery level indicator - can you use it?
I was working on a larger post about Prius plug-in conversion kits (come back soon for it) and this mini-rant I wrote up for the post did not quite fit here, so I made a separate post for it.
Here is what the peculiarities are: Click here to continue reading »


Chevy Volt – bucket loads of deception

Mar 9th, 2007

EV1 - snapshot from “Who Killed the Electric Car?” movie
When I first saw news about Chevy Volt, it was in Green Car Journal where the author of the advertorial (Kellen Schefter) had proclaimed that GM is “back in the electric car business”. Never mind strange remarks from the advertorial like “truly wonderful but now infamously defunct GM EV1” (why defunct if truly wonderful?) and “GM admits that it’s still waiting (my emphasis) for technological breakthroughs to produce a large Li-ion battery pack”. I went on GM’s website and watched the car roll on stage and Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman give a speech about “electrically powered vehicle by GM”.

Wow, I though to myself, they mean business this time around. Well, not so fast. Read on for some bucket loads of pure fun ahead:
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Tesla on ice. Literally

Mar 8th, 2007

Tesla Safety tests in Arvidsjaur, Sweden

No, it does not mean that Tesla Roadster 100 development was put on hold. Quite opposite. It simply means what it says. They brought it to Arvidsjaur, Sweden in a middle of a winter and took it out for a spin (pun intended) .

I came across this video on Darryl Siry’s (VP of Marketing for Tesla Motors) personal car blog and could not resist to re-post it here: Click here to continue reading »


Hybrid X – Toyota’s New Hybrid Concept Car

Mar 7th, 2007

Toyota Hybrid-X Concept (front)
Toyota unveiled a new concept on the Geneva, Switzerland Auto Show on March 6, 2007. First thing that comes to mind: Does it look like Prius to you or what? I would guess Prius’s 0.26 aerodynamic drag coefficient is hard to beat which is going to dictate the shape of the future fuel saving cars. Let’s see what else is nice about the new hybrid:
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Chevrolet Volt – Meet an Electric Car

Feb 25th, 2007

Chevy Volt cutaway picture (Courtesy GM)

Electrical car and General Motors are in the same sentence again and not because of EV1.

Earlier this year GM has unveiled its new electrical car concept – Chevy Volt (pictured). One of the first features that come to mind is the looks – an important detail in successfully getting the vehicle on the market. I think it was a great idea to use a brand new design so that the vehicle stands apart on the road and the owner is recognized as an environmentally conscious person. Many companies use regular car bodies for their hybrids (Toyota Prius is a notable exception) and they unnecessarily blend in the rest of the crowd without giving the owners the due recognition.

Anyways, let’s look inside the Chevy Volt concept:

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2009 Toyota Prius Revealed

Feb 7th, 2007

Toyota Prius 2009 model year  (image credits - Ron Lieberson, Popular Mechanics)

So, the word (and the picture that’s worth a thousand more words) got out on the new ’09 Toyota Prius. Kudos to folks at Popular Mechanics for publishing their spy report in the March 2007 issue of the magazine. There are scarce details about the next-gen Prius yet but here is what’s known so far:

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Best MPG I’ve seen on my Prius so far

Feb 6th, 2007

52.4 MPG screenshot

I have kept this (horrible quality) cameraphone picture for a couple of months until now hoping that I might beat the 52.4 MPG mark that you see there. Well, it was not that easy… Click here to continue reading »


Tax Credit for Toyota Prius Owners

Dec 8th, 2006

Toyota Prius 2007 White (image credits - Toyota)

It is very nice of Uncle Sam to offer any incentive for purchasing a hybrid car at all in addition to the money you are saving on the gas. I’m not sure how the car manufacturers were able to pull it off and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know, but it’s there for you if you bought your Prius in 2006 or the first nine months of 2007. Read on for how to apply for your credit Click here to continue reading »


Backup Beeping on Prius

Dec 8th, 2006

The Grear Stick
I would have to say that I don’t really get why it is such a big deal when your Prius is beeping when you switch it in reverse gear. However, I keep finding discussion after discussion about the issue around the Net and it looks like the hottest topic on Prius forums. When I first saw it I did not have a Prius yet, and I thought that they are talking about noise that you would hear from a big bus or a truck (LOL). I can see where this could have been a problem when I pull back from my driveway at 5:30AM. Turns out, it’s just a tiny buzzer inside the salon they are talking about. So, I decided to post the instructions here (as found in the Prius newsgroup). So, here is how you turn it off: Click here to continue reading »