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Posted by Daniel who wants to know on April 24, 2011, 2:52 am

Well 2001 Echo and NHW11 Prius both use cylinder head PN 11101-21033 NHW20
and Yaris is 11101-21061

piston: Prius NHW111 13101-21060 NHW20 13101-21110 Echo:  13101-21030 Yaris:

Intake cam Yaris: 13501-21030 NHW20: 13501-21060
Exhaust cam Yaris 13502-21031 NHW20: 13502-21021

So there you have it, Prius higher expansion ratio is due to a different
piston, Atkinson valve timing is due to different cams.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on April 24, 2011, 1:03 pm

So go ahead, put the Otto cycle parts into your Prius, and see how far
you get before the engine computer stops you.

Posted by bwilson4web on April 24, 2011, 11:22 pm

Best of all, the Atkinson Prius engine has much higher efficiency than
the Otto engine. So Prius owners get exceptionally higher composite
mileage for the interior space and payload compared to any named
gasser or diesel.

Bob Wilson

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on April 25, 2011, 10:35 am
 In article

Go ahead, put the Otto cycle parts into your Prius--because, after all,
it's your claim that the two engines are identical--and see how far you
get down the road before the computer kills your fun.

Funny thing:  a close friend of mine has a VW diesel, and his experience
disagrees with you.

Posted by bwilson4web on April 25, 2011, 2:16 pm

That is OK, I have even better friends in the VW community and over at
www.fueleconomy.gov and they say you and your friend are not in touch
with reality:

Here we see the 2010 Prius soundly beats two Jettas and a Golf. This
also shows up in the user reported mileage.

In this chart of user reported Prius and Jetta diesel mileage, both
automatic and manual, the Prius clearly out performs the diesel.

And by the way, the Jetta is the compact car, much smaller than the
Prius. A tiny car that no doubt meets some folks needs but much

It looks like the California Air Resources Board also found the Jetta
was way behind the Prius. So you can get a smaller car but you can't
pay less than Prius fuel costs.

Here is a larger number of Jetta reported mileage versus the 1.5L
Prius. Again, the Prius clearly has better mileage in a full-size car
versus the compact Jetta. In fact, here is a sampling of where even a
rude, hybrid-skeptic could get the source data from my very good
friends at www.fueleconomy.gov:

I almost forgot two other friends, Edmunds and the Insight owners:
Edmunds did a "fuel sipper smack down" and the Jetta only came close
to the Insight on the highway leg. It wasn't even close to the Prius.

But the biggest problem with "Jetta friends" is this:
That video along with the "Meet the Volkswagen" commercial pretty much
shows them to be loud and celebrating their noisy, tire-smoking,
behavior. With friends like these, the diesels make their own enemies.

You do realize that some of us only have five years of dealing with
lying, hybrid-skeptic, blowhards, right? My good Prius friend
John1701a has a decade of dealing with the microcephalic, dull-witted,
hybrid-skeptic community:

I especially like his posting:


Anti-Hybrid: Introduction.  These personal logs are loaded with
instances of anti-hybrid attacks, where certain people who want
hybrids to fail respond to online forum messages with harmful intent.
They are determined to do whatever it takes to prevent progress.  They
fear change, and I know it.  So for awhile, I debated.  But eventually
it became clear that they absolutely wouldn't give up, that
desperation forced them to take some rather surprising approaches.  So
I departed, figuring there was no benefit in drawing anymore attention
to them.  Then an idea hit me.  What would happen if I returned, after
months of being absent?  Turns out, they attacked me immediately.
Certain antagonists, determined to dissuade newbies, didn't want
someone of my experience joining in again.  I was far too well
informed about what they were truly up to.  And I used that to my full
advantage, but not to win any quarrels this time.  My true purpose was
research, documenting every trick they pulled so I could teach people
afterward what to look for.  And believe it or not, within just a week
I had witnessed about two dozen different deceptive techniques...
which I will now share with you (in no particular order)."

Yes, my hybrid-skeptic, you are like a fly stuck on fly-paper who no
matter how hard he flaps finds getting stuck even deeper and deeper.
Strawmen, trying to inject false arguments, and insults have no effect
but to belittle your efforts. An arsenal of facts and data await to be
applied with the same gentle administrations as your comments suggests
they are needed. We're not dealing with ignorance here but just
another petty, internet bully trying to use "because I say so ..." not
backed up by facts and data.

Bob Wilson

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