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Posted by bwilson4web on April 20, 2011, 11:53 am

I'm getting $.50/mile for every business mile which means two trips to
the work site and I've paid for my gas for the week.

Bob Wilson

Posted by Neo on April 8, 2011, 5:34 pm

The number of Prius on the road are increasing in the DC area...

Last year, about this very same time, I replace my 1990 Honda Accord
 (20 mpg annual average fuel usage, +175K miles )  with a 2011 Toyota
Prius III (58 mpg annual average fuel usage).  I have drive 11,000
over the course of one year with the average price being about 3.00/
If I had kept on using the Accord I would have used 550 gallons of
at an approximate cost of $650.00.  Instead, with the Prius I used
gallons of gas  at cost of $69. I saved about $000 in fuel cost for
However, the Prius insurance cost is more at about $200/year vs the
Accord  insurance cost was about $00/year.  So the overall operation
saving is only about $00/year in my particular situation if you
the annual estimated repair cost to keep the Accord operational each
year (estimated in my budget as $000/year) . My research also
that the auto insurance for the 2011  Honda Insight was cheaper than
the Prius by $00 per year.

As the temperature is warming up the Prius MPG is climbing back up.
With gasoline prices rising agains, this is a welcome relief. (9_9)

While a  significant number of 2010 Toyota Prius owners on
PriusChat have also reported an overall 58 mpg, some more
experienced hypermilers have said the upper limit is more like
an overall +60mpg (with the FE breakdown something like 55 mpg
during the winter, 75mpg during the summer).  Hypermiling is not
all the time in certain driving environments so an overall 58 mpg
more of a compromise when to apply hypermiling concepts/techniques.

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