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Posted by A Sherman on August 15, 2006, 2:59 am

I had my Prius in for 15K service a couple of weeks ago.  I use the same
dealer as Jean B because they are very convenient for me.

I wrestled with the question of whether to go for their recommended 15k
package at $70 or take their "standard" 5K service.  I spoke with the service
advisor on the phone and was told they service the injectors, clean the
throttle body, etc. etc. and it takes 2.5 hours of labor.  After studying the
Toyota recommendations and wavering back and forth a couple of times, I
requested the 5K service package (and the steering shaft recall).  This
service appears to include all that Toyota requires and more.  The total bill
was $6.42 after they applied an unsolicited 10% discount because "I bought
the car there."   I also was given a $0 prepaid Exxon/Mobil gas card when I
presented the coupon they had mailed to me.

This is pretty much the same service I bought at 5K miles.  At 10K miles I
just got the oil, filter and tire rotation without balance, for about $2.

Regarding their attention to detail,  at 5K they overfilled the oil and left
the tires at 33 psi all around.  At 10K I specified that they fill the oil and
tires to specs.  They got the tires right and the oil was exactly at the
dipstick pimple.  For the 15K service, I had the paperwork say "Please do not
overfill oil", but I said nothing about tires.  The oil was maybe 1/8" below
the full mark but the tires were 35psi in the REAR and 33psi in the FRONT!
The next day I phoned the service manager and told him this might adversely
affect handling and therefore be a safety issue.  He was only mildly
interested.  Unfortunately, I did not receive a customer satisfaction survey
for this visit.

Regarding the tire inflation, I asked the service manager for advice about
inflating the tires above specs and he said that they advise inflation per the
Toyota recommendations.  About a week earlier I confirmed that my tires were
wearing much more at the outside edges than in the center, so after the
intentional experiment with dealer diligence, I inflated my tires to 40psi
front and 38psi rear.

Needless to say, I am not thrilled with the service but they are within
walking distance of my home.


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