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2 Prii family

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Posted by dayoff53@gmail.com on August 27, 2006, 6:25 am

Well, my wife has had her Prius (2006 package #4 Seaside Pearl) for
just about 3 months now.  Since she got it, our 2005 Avalon Limited has
just sat in the garage except for the 12-mile round-trip to work on
weekdays.  Anytime we go anywhere together, we take the Prius.  So,
today I made the deal to swap the Avalon for a second Prius.  My 2006
package #8 White Super White should be in to the dealer in the next
couple days, then we will be a two-Prii family.  I can hardly wait!
Are there any others out there with two Prii?  What did you trade for
the second Prius?  Any regrets about owning two of the same vehicle?

Posted by mrv@kluge.net on August 27, 2006, 1:57 pm

dayoff53@gmail.com wrote:

I have a 2001 Toyota Prius.  Ordered Sept. 2000, received beginning of
Feb. 2001.  Finally got rid of my Mercury Mystake (mystique).

My mother liked it so much, and with all my talking about it, she
ordered a 2002 Prius in June 2001, received Nov. 2001.  (Whaa - she got
the color I wanted, and didn't get the color that she really wanted
(same as mine) so as not to copy me...)  She traded in a Chevy Corsica.

My husband would usually try and steal my car whenever he could.
(After all, we figured that whomever has the longer commute or if we
were going out somewhere together, then use the higher MPG car...)
Although he loved his Saturn SL2, when Toyota sent out the Pioneer
letter for the redesigned 2004 Prius, he jumped on it.   Pioneer
ordered the 2004 Prius on the July 4th holiday weekend 2003, and
received it in Nov. 2003.  (We still don't understand the point of the
Pioneer orders - I know a guy who walked in off the street (never
having seen a Prius other than mine in passing) and bought a 2004 Prius
at a dealer in Oct. that didn't have any more Pioneer orders...)

But we were late to the game to be a 2-Prius family.  On the
toyota-prius Yahoo!Group, there were a few that had beaten us to it, or
were a 2 or more hybrid family, even a 3 Prius family...

And soon, due to a job relocation (living in a big city I can walk or
take public transportation everywhere), I'll be needing to sell my
unused Prius.  I'll miss them...

Posted by Bill on August 27, 2006, 3:57 pm

dayoff53@gmail.com wrote:

My wife and I were in the long queue waiting for our 2004 package 9 from
Sept 2003 until it arrived March 2004. We got a black one, because we
had a "take it or leave it" choice. Two months later, an out-of-state
dealer called to say our white 2004 package 9 was available. I flew in
to Charleston, WVA and the salesman picked me up for the second 2004
Prius purchase. I didn't trade anything in. We sold our 2001 Prius after
we got the white 2004. Sold the black one after 6 months for two
thousand more than what we paid, so we are back to one Prius. Still
thinking about a 2007 with the touring package in that new green color

Posted by kari on September 10, 2006, 3:51 am

We bought a 2004 (package #7) back in November of 2003. My wife and I drove
it cross country from San Diego to Florida and back in December of 2005. The
car was comfortale enough during the trip so we called our local dealer from
Texas and ordered a 2006 package #8 for my wife. We picked it up in January
2006. We used to have two Honda Accords. No regrets. We had one major
problem with the multi-function display after the 2004 was out of warranty
but Toyota took care of it less the labor cost.


Posted by Diako on September 12, 2006, 9:27 pm

dayoff53@gmail.com> wrote in message

Please, don't use this awful plural!

"Prii is a pseudo-Latin fabrication. The real plural of the Latin word Prius
is Priora. (Prius is the neuter form of Prior, which means much the same in
Latin as in English, but can function as adjective, adverb or noun). I'd say
the invariant plural Prius, or just Priuses are defensible. Priora is
cumbersome, and wouldn't be recognised as a plural by your average English
speaker. Prii is a bit silly. As for Toyota's authority - I've never seen
them use a plural of Prius in any of their literature, so I'm not sure we'll
get an answer from them. Probably because marketing types seem to have a
morbid fear of plurals; they keep talking about "product" and such-like.
Toyota generally just talk about "the Prius". I suspect their internal style
guide rules against pluralising any of their vehicle names. And I'd tend to
agree with them - it's clumsy. Try to rephrase, or use "the
Prius". --KJBracey 12:37, 7 March 2006 (UTC). I don't have a referential
link handy right this second, but I recall seeing a link to a Toyota rep
saying the plural form of Prius is 'Prius' 04:59, 15 March
2006 (UTC) Rob Palkowski"
From: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Toyota_Prius#Plural_form_of_Prius

Diako, the linguist

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