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2004 Navigation

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Posted by flosky@gmail.com on July 20, 2009, 3:21 pm
My factory installed navigation system on my 2004 Prius has been
sending me in very strange directions, more so than usual.
Does anyone know if there is a DVD update or what to do about it?

Posted by Was Istoben on July 20, 2009, 3:47 pm

Presuming your 2004 Prius uses the same software as my 2005, the answer is
yes and the update is easy to install.  The latest DVD is terribly
overpriced, costing as much as a some complete stand-alone systems.
Rip-offs are available for $00.00 US$ or maybe less.

There are user selectable preferences that will effect the directions the
system gives you.  If you are getting directions that differ from what you
formerly got on a familiar route this is most likely a consequence of your
having invoked one or more of these preferences.  For example, if you have
blocked interstate highways it will route you on alternative primary and
secondary roads.

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