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Posted by silledad on July 28, 2004, 4:04 am
I'm on a waiting list for the Prius and anticipate a December to March
delivery.  I figure that makes me slated for the 2005 Prius.  I don't think
there will be any dramatic changes but has anyone heard anything about the

Posted by Michelle Steiner on July 28, 2004, 7:23 am

My dealer told me that there will be no changes, but that in mid model
year they might change a color or two.

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Posted by der on July 30, 2004, 2:11 am
 Ooh good question.  I'm slated for 2005 model also but may get a
delivery in October - December time frame.  Toyota has been a
traditionally conservative car company so I wouldn't expect anything
beyond a few very minor tweaks after a new 2004 overhauled model

Posted by Michelle Steiner on July 30, 2004, 3:53 am
  drash@mac.com (der) wrote:

Every dealer I've heard from (some first hand, and some second hand) has
said that the only possible changes would be a color change in mid
model-year, and that's only a "maybe."

On the other hand, there's an entire new set of manuals at the Toyota
web site for 05s, with different part numbers from the 04s.

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Posted by Bill McCalla on July 30, 2004, 11:11 pm

Based on accessories being offered on ebay, I'm led to believe that a
back-up sensor may be an option on several Toyota models, possibly including
the Prius.

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