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Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on September 14, 2008, 5:12 pm

Don't confuse him; he wants to think that his precious baby (a hunk of
metal and plastic) is somehow unique in the world, is somehow better
than anything else in the world, so he makes shit up inside his fantasy

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on September 14, 2008, 5:11 pm

ummmmm....no, not at all.  YOU, on the other hand, are comparing 5 years
of Prius to 50 years of Beetle--and you think that, relatively speaking,
the Beetle changed WAY more.

Let's compare 50 years of Prius, shall we?  Or pick any 5 years of

Posted by Hank on September 14, 2008, 6:25 pm
 Elmo P. Shagnasty wrote:

No, I am not comparing a 5 year product to a 50 year
product (my earlier post referred to comparison of
5-year spans). However, until the 1960s the Beetle was
not subject to emission control issues (no car was), and
until the 1970s did not require significant electronics
(the advent of the integrated circuit enabled onboard
"smarts". The term "modern" doesn't apply to the Beetle,
making it an inappropriate example for comparison.

The Prius has undergone insignificant change during the
past five years, despite the fact that its introduction
in October '03 represented a revolution in power train
design, electronics, aerodynamics, vehicle management
software, and other aspects - even over its predecessor.
As an engineer I appreciate the complexity of that
design, and have been surprised by its success,
durability, and technical stability.

There were decades in the U.S. auto industry when change
was almost all external, but to the ultimate pain of GM,
Chrysler, American Motors, Ford, etc. other countries
were developing internal systems characterized by
reliability, economy, etc. - and ignored appearance.

In aviation, the C130 - arguably the best mid-size
transport existing today - was designed by Lockheed in
the mid-50s. Today's C130 has the same name (Hercules)
and shape (distinctively ugly!), but everything else has
changed including internal structure and (to a lesser
degree) outer skin. The same holds true for the H46 and
H53 helicopters - design designations of the mid-60s,
superb performers today and 99% unlike their first
generations. In today's tech world, you cannot judge
evolution of a design by its appearance - but you can
make estimates by comparing parts lists.

The parts list for the current Prius hasn't changed
much. Nearly all of the '04 parts fit the current
edition. It's an interesting car from many viewpoints,
of which design stability is but one.


Posted by Peter Granzeau on September 14, 2008, 10:00 pm
 On Sun, 14 Sep 2008 10:33:19 -0400, "Elmo P. Shagnasty"

The VW Beetle changed every part in the vehicle in some way over the
course of its lifetime, some parts frequently, some parts less often. It
increased in power several times, modified the suspension, changed all
of the windows (notably the windshield, but also the rear window, at
least twice), keeping up with the market all the while.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on September 14, 2008, 2:34 pm

And if you'd bothered to pay attention, all the OTHER cars you got rid
of after two years ALSO looked and functioned exactly as they did when
you bought it.

The Prius is no different.  It's a car, just like any other.  There's no
reason to fawn and drool over it.

Now go back and see how much money you saved by NOT trading it in after
two years, and consider how much you would have saved by doing the same
for the other cars you've owned.

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