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Posted by Fred Seaver on July 21, 2009, 3:49 am
The Nash Rambler (How do you get it out of 2nd gear?) :-))

Posted by Peter Granzeau on July 21, 2009, 11:00 pm

Okay,  I do admmit to being young once, and drag racing a 1947 Ford on a
dark secondary road, once or twice upon a time.

And my own experience with small cars and attempting to keep up with
traffic involved a 1957 Fiat 600.  A thoroughly clapped-out Fiat, at
that.  It used oil at a frightening rate, but that turned out to be some
kind of leak, not a mechanical problem.  I assume that full out, it
might have been capable of 55, which at the time (1962) was plenty.
Anyway, I had to drive it maybe 85 miles several times between cities,
partly on an Interstate, and one day, I was on the Interstate, doing
maybe 57 or 58, trying to keep the damn thing going straight in a
crosswind, and a cop stopped me.  He thought I'd been drinking, what
with all that weaving.  I said no, just crosswinds and he agreed (I was
in fact stone cold sober).  But yes, I had to use everything the car had
just to make it go at all.

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