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Posted by Bruce Richmond on January 29, 2011, 8:47 pm

So now the truth is finally out. You're not worried that someone might
hurt their car.  You're just worried that they might get in your way.

I bought my 2001 Prius used in 2009 with 112k miles on it.  I didn't
buy it to save the earth or anything like that either.  I bought it to
save me money.  This is my first Toyota but I know from reading that
they have a good rep for not breaking down a lot.  At its age, and
with those miles on it, I was able to buy the Prius for about the same
price as any other econobox of that age, and I knew it would get
decent mileage.  It didn't take long to find out that I could make big
improvements to that already decent mileage pretty easily.

Using the pulse and glide technique doesn't damage the car in any
way.  If anything it is easier on the battery than normal driving
because it avoids discharging and recharging the battery.  The down
side is that it will annoy anyone stuck behind you when you are doing
it.  I know that and make it a point not to play that game when
someone is stuck behind me.  I will either drive normally or pull over
and let them by depending on my mood and how much traffic there is.

Not using the heater doesn't hurt the car.  It actually allows the
engine to get up to temp quicker.  In the winter I have to dress for
the cold anyway.  The drive to work only takes 20 minutes and it would
take at least half of that to get the passenger compartment warm
anyway.  So why bother?  I use the defroster if needed to keep from
fogging up.  Other that that I leave the heat off on short trips.  On
longer trips I use heat/defrost as needed for comfort. Either way it
is of no consequence to you.

Blocking the grill off does not hurt the car.  It is better for it
since it allows it to get up to normal operating temp quicker.
There's no down side to it during cold weather, and doing it to my car
doesn't affect you in any way.

Running increased tire pressures reduces rolling resistance.  The
belts in the tread help maintain even contact across the width of the
tread so the middle doesn't wear out prematurely.  It may reduce the
tire's grip slightly, but so do sand, snow, water and many other
things.  If you are a decent driver you know the limits of your car
and drive within them.  What I do with tire pressures on my car are
not your concern.

I do not use a plug in block heater.  Besides the initial cost of the
heater the savings are minimal when the electric costs are subtracted
from the savings on fuel costs.  I'm interested in saving money, not
just having the highest mpg.

For similar reasons I don't run special low rolling resistance tires.
Besides the higher initial cost they wouldn't work in the snow.  So I
would either have to pay to have tires remounted twice a year, or buy
a second set of rims.  I doubt I would break even either way.

So there you have it.  I do what I can to save a buck on my own time,
on roads that are as much mine as they are yours, and I do make an
effort not to get in the way of others, though I would make an
exception to that if I knew it was you ;)

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on January 30, 2011, 12:56 pm
In article

No, the truth was out a long time ago:  you don't care about working and
playing well with others, you care ONLY about yourself and your desire
to play your rolling video game.  The rest of the world doesn't exist as
far as you're concerned.

In that context, I'm pissed that you get in my way.  Absolutely.

Since you have no desire to care about the world around you, I thought
maybe I'd take the tack of pointing out some facts that you might pay
attention to, since they affect YOU directly and that seems to be the
only thing you pay attention to.

But it does get in the way of the traffic around you, which makes you
dangerous on the road to the people around you.  Again, you don't care.

It's not how the engineers intended the car to be used, and the
placement of the battery is an example of that.  The battery expects to
be in the same operating environment as the standard driver.  Not the
freako driver.

You keep saying these things as if you know better than the engineers
who designed the car--those same engineers who didn't bother to put in a
different thermostat, for example.  Huh.  Why do you suppose that is.  
Well, you don't know because you weren't privy to the design decisions,
so you just went ahead and made up some story that just happens to fit
in with your desire to score high on your rolling video game.

Yeah.  Do you know what rolling resistance is?  No, you don't.  All you
know is, you found something to use to play your rolling video game.  
You have compromised the car's ability to stop and steer (of course, you
do know that changing direction involves deceleration, which is
stopping, which is why you now can't turn as well--right?).

Absolutely it is.  If I catch you running into me or anyone else, a
presumed contributing factor is because you compromised the car by
running it outside of its intended parameters.  And when you run into
me, or cause an accident that either blocks traffic and causes delays
or, God forbid, kills someone--that's my concern.  That's the concern of
ALL of society.

But you refuse to see that, because you've already rationalized to
yourself that your desire to play your rolling video game overrides
anything else--the cost to yourself or any cost to the world around you.

In other words, you've told the world around you to fuck off, you're
busy doing what YOU want, and THEY don't matter.

At the expense of everyone around you.  No, it's not your own time.  
When you pulse and glide in traffic, you're holding everyone up and are
driving in a way that people can't predict--which makes you dangerous.  
When you can't stop for the light, or when you begin stopping REAL early
because you know that your tires are at the edge of any reasonable
traction and therefore the people behind you are held hostage to your
car's deficiencies with respect to normal traffic, it's NOT your own

You're telling the rest of the world to fuck off because you want to be
selfish in an irrational way that affects everyone around you.

Posted by News on January 30, 2011, 3:49 pm
 On 1/30/2011 7:56 AM, Elmo P. Shagnasty wrote:


Posted by Bruce Richmond on January 30, 2011, 4:49 pm

So what part of "The down side is that it will annoy anyone stuck
behind you when you are doing it.  I know that and make it a point not
to play that game when someone is stuck behind me." (which you
snipped) did you not understand?  I made it perfectly clear that I do
not get in the way of others when using pulse and glide.  But that
doesn't fit in with your stupid prejudice, so you snipped it and
accused me of doing the exact opposit.  You're a troll, pure and

Except that the "facts" that you tacked on were false.

Like I said, what part of "The down side is that it will annoy anyone
stuck behind you when you are doing it.  I know that and make it a
point not to play that game when someone is stuck behind me." (which
you snipped) did you not understand?

What part of "It actually allows the engine to get up to temp
quicker." (which you snipped) did you not understand?  Also, as was
explained to you before, being cold does not damage the battery, it
just reduces its capacity till it is warmed up.  If clold actually
damaged it, it would be damaged every time you let the car cool off
during the winter.  It is heat that will damage the battery.  The only
time the fan comes on for the battery vent system is when it gets too
warm.  If they needed to be warmed by the cabin air as you claim the
fan would be coming on all the time.  Of course you probably knew this
but chose to ignore it because it didn't fit in with your prejudices.

Do you have insulation in your house?  Is it required, or could the
furnace heat the house without it being insulated?  Why didn't the
builder put in more/better insulation?  Why did you snip "It is better
for it since it allows it to get up to normal operating temp

Just because you're too stupid to know what rolling resistance is
doesn't mean that I am.

Ok smart ass, quantify it.  Just how much is the traction reduced?  If
you are routinely driving in a manner where a tiny difference in
traction is enough to put you at risk then you are a menace
reguardless of what your tire pressures are.

I don't tell the world around me to fuck off, but I will tell you to.

And you're a lying asshole of a troll that likes to make shit up.

LOL, I'm selfish for trying to save gas.  Go argue that one with the
greentards that will tell you that you are selfish if you don't do
everything you can to use less fuel.  You ought to get along great
with them.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on January 31, 2011, 10:18 pm
 In article

Why would they expose themselves that way with regard to liability?

The engineers have spoken, for the record.  They have nothing else to
say, specifically.

No reasonable person would expect the engineers to have any say, one way
or another, for public consumption.

Again, you're leaping to huge conclusions based on how you wish the
world worked--without any actual facts at your disposal.

"justify their cost"?  To WHOM?  Are you now in charge of determining
for me the cost *I* must bear so that YOU can save gas?  Are you now in
charge of determining that *I* must accept your wildly gyrating driving
style and your out of spec suspension (yes, tires and their inflation
are part of the suspension that the engineers craft very carefully)
simply because YOU declare it to be "justified"???

I don't expect to be driving next to someone who is randomly speeding up
and slowing down.  That's not how the world works.  But YOU have
declared that it "shall be so" simply because YOU think it's

How would you know?  Just because you never hear the curses of the
people around you as you slip and slide in the wet, slow down way early
for no apparent reason, and speed up and slow down in traffic again for
no apparent reason, doesn't mean they're not there.

And do let us know when you've trashed your car early, causing the build
of a new car.  Oh, we know you won't--but I guarantee you will remember
this when you see the early death of this car.

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