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2010 Prius III fuel efficiency hypermiling results - Page 16

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Posted by News on January 31, 2011, 10:39 pm
On 1/31/2011 5:18 PM, Elmo P. Shagnasty wrote:

He's betting with his warranty, auto and umbrella insurance.  Good luck.

Posted by Bruce Richmond on February 2, 2011, 4:58 am

And how much warranty do you think there is left on a 2001 with over
140k miles on it?  Thank you for the good wishes anyway :)

Posted by Neo on February 1, 2011, 3:55 am

There are many angry and reckless drivers
in the Washington DC Area and you don't
have to hypermile or drive a particular way to meet
them - they are just naturally riskier, more aggressive,
impatient, and often angry.  I see them weave
in and out of traffic, race to a stop light,
ignore traffic laws, and go way over the speed
limit.  Local traffic congestion seem to make
these drivers stand out more.  When you drive
in the Washington DC area there's not way
to avoid them - one of those crazy driver
left my friend's father paralyzed for life - who
was obeying all the laws ( and he wasn't hypermiling).
when he was severly injured. What was not in
his favor was that he was hit while in a Sentra
- which is a fairly light car with very little side
impact protection.

It is  a myth that all hypermiling techniques are
dangerous and that hypermiling techniques impede
traffic. The velocity range in a Pulse and Glide can
be adjusted to current traffic conditions as to be
unnoticeable.  For example, a PG range of 6 mph
would hardly be noticeable in most urban/suburban
traffic conditions. In addition, techniques like
Driving without Brakes/Traffic Light timing - do
not decrease the flow of traffic and has the
added benefit of  smoothing out the flow of traffic
and eliminating rubber band stop and go jerking
motion that is often associated with traffic jams.
Hypermiling is not about driving one particular way
but about learning how to select and adapting
one of many diffrent energy efficient driving techniques
to a specific driving environment.  Hence,
one could read a thick book on hypermiling
techniques but if one never practiced  hypermiling
in the real world - one would never really understand
how to apply it in the real world.

Before I did grill block - I did extensive research on its
safety, why it worked, what kind of results to look for,
and what things should be monitored. Most of the
information I got on grill blocking was from PriusChat.com
from a Japanese Prius enthusiat called Ken. Ken had
engineering diagrams, tables, and charts for the 2010
Toyota Prius to back up his analysis and ssesessment
and he has a good reputation  on PriusChat.com for
being technologically savvy, open, honest, and forthcoming.
He was one of the reasons I purchased a Prius.
I also would like to acknowledge the generous
photo contributions of "Spidey" as well.  I must
say that I would not have even considered grill
blocking if it was not so throughly researched
and the information was so easily accessible.
The coverage of this technique that gave me
the courage to try it out. I have several documents
on the Toyota Prius thermal management system
works ( the link I provide previously on battery thermal
management is one of them) . I am pretty sure that
everything I've done so far is being safely done albeit
to the ill-informed and less technically savvy it does
look dangerous or atleast odd.    I am not afraid
but encouraged.  Given Toyota's engineering
reputation for reliablity - I don't think my Prius
is going to have too many problems.  My previous
car was almost maintenance free for seven
years until it was hit by an aggressive driver - what
saved me was the reinforce driver's door panels.

The reason I was not endanger when I felt
a lost in traction due to the tires being over inflated
was that I had kept my speed down and I had
work to keep a much longer distance from the vehicle
in front to optimize a hypermiling technique called  DWB.
and a Prius (regenerative braking ) technique I call
- a Regenerate,Crawl and Stop (RCS) which means
one maximizes the regenerative energy recovery
using the HSI/CHG indicator while avoiding the
use of my hydraulic brake way before I need to stop.
When the velocity drops in a RCS to about 15 mph
to 7 mph, the brake is released and the car is
allowed to crawl to a stopping point. The hope is that the condition
that requires a full stop will cease before the crawling
must end with a full complete stop (saving the
atleast some kinetic energy for the re-acceleration)
During the Regeneration part, pressure to the brakes
is medium so that the HSI/CHG indicator bar is
between the "C" and the "H" of the "CHG" bar.
During this regenerative process, if the tires appear
to be slipping then the driver switches from
electric generator resistance to the hydraulic
braking system by pressing the brakes down
hard to activate the hydraulic brakes - the
antilock brakes keep the braking pressure even.
When the Prius drops to a slow crawl, the tires
regains its grip on the road well before it needs
to stop.

My posting is not to convince people who are against
hypermiling to hypermile - but to record  my
real world experience without biased and in detail.
My results have been modest. While I am no
fortune teller - I don't foresee any mechanical or legal
troubles for the first two years of my long term hypermiling
experiment.  My first car a 1974 Chevy Vega lasted
11 years. My Second car a 1990 Honda Accord is still
running albeit someone else now owns it. I suspect
that my third car and many other Priuses will last
many years and will still be around when everyone agrees
that Global Peak Oil has already occured. :-)

or more.

Posted by Bruce Richmond on February 2, 2011, 4:51 am

For the same reason they include little things like warnings not to
shift into park while moving.  If you do it after being warned not to
they are justified in not covering the damage.

And again you are spewing BS.

To me.  If I have to pay for them I get to decide if I want them or
not.  They are not required by law.

Yes.  If you don't like it you can go fuck yourself.

Too bad fella but that is how the world works.  There is no law
against what I am doing.  If you don't want to be near me you can just
stay away.

And just because you don't hear everyone calling you a stupid troll
doesn't mean that isn't happening also.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on February 3, 2011, 2:00 am
 In article

Then you say:

And any cost you impose on the rest of the world, you don't care about.

Got it.

I can also maneuver myself so that you run into me.  Or, even better, I
can maneuver myself so that I interrupt your "driving style".  I bet
that really grinds your ass, when YOU can't do what YOU want--when the
outside world interferes with YOU.

That's also how you get the shit beaten out of you, and how lawyers make
money when they realize that you were actually the cause of the
accidents you're involved in.

So to sum it up:  you are autistic.

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