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2010 Prius body paint

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Posted by Neo on September 10, 2010, 12:31 am

Initially when I read that a second coat of paint
was being offered as an option on the 2010 Toyota
Prius - I was skeptical about its value.  After owning
a 2010 Toyota Prius III (blue ribbon), for only less
than five months I am finding tiny chip are peeling
off the body in the oddest places like on the
panel behind the left rear door under the gas
cap port.  Maybe that 2nd coat of paint would
have been a good option?  Well, I've been trying
to be careful in the parking lots but that doesnot
seem to be the problem. The body panels
where these chips are appear smooth and undamaged.
Could it be road debris hitting the body? I don't
know. Sofar I've only washed and polished the
car twice. I've got some touch up paint from
the dealership - but maybe there is something
else I should consider?  Maybe a front grill
nose mask?  Should I get the Prius repainted
and clear coated two years from now?  I've
notice quite a few 2nd gen Prius where I live
with  scruffy paint jobs so I am not taking
this too personal - but I'd like to avoid having
the Prius rust prematurely on me. Any advice
to protect the Prius from rusting away
in a rust belt state?

Posted by David T. Johnson on September 13, 2010, 4:23 pm

Neo wrote:

Most cars on the road today use pretty much the same paint from one of
the major suppliers (ppg, DuPont, or BASF).  The only care that your
paint job needs is gentle washing.  The worst thing you can do to a
modern automotive paint coating is to apply some sort of 'polish' to it
which does nothing but weaken the paint in exchange for a possible short
term increase in lustre (added by the polish) that will quickly fade
away.  If you are already reaching for the touch-up paint on a 2010
vehicle then the paint was either improperly applied (EXTREMELY unlikely
with a Prius), has suffered some sort of road damage (as you suggest),
or has been exposed to some kind of chemical attach (brake fluid and
oxygenated gasoline are the biggest culprits).  Throw the polish away,
wash your car with soap and water, and watch for further deterioration.

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Posted by Neo on September 14, 2010, 1:33 am

The chips and scratches have left the primer exposed so
   the touch-up paint is going to be a necessary evil
   since the primer is not going to be able to protect the car
   from the road salts that the local governments are famous
   for using every winter. The body needs to be protected
   until it can get repainted.

I am using Meguiar's car wash - which I believe is one of the better

I have applied two applications of NuFinsh Car Polish per
   the manufacturer's instructions. It does not require any
   abrasive mechanical polishing because it is a liquid polymer.
  Liquid polymer coatings like NuFinish only seal out
  chemicals/water but donot protect from dings, projectiles,
  and other flying objects. The paint job on the Prius appears
  very delicate so I am going to try to avoid any general
  use of abrasives or micro-abrasives.

I am driving in the Washington DC Metro Area which its share
  of air pollution, road hazards, road salts and ozone like bad stuff.

Priuschat forums suggest that this problem is not
uncommon among Gen 2 and Gen 3 Prius  vehicles.
Some on Priuschat blamed  the paint formulation
that  Toyota was using. Others blamed the body plastics
and metals being used by Toyota claiming that it was
too prone to bending/flexing.  There was no
consensus as to what was the root of the problem.

To reduce the risk of body rust, I am thinking that within
two years I will get the entire body repainted (with the
same color) and then have a new clear coat applied
every 4 years thereafter. Clear coating is suppose
to protect the paint from chips and scratches from
what I understand.

Posted by Thibaud Taudin Chabot on September 14, 2010, 11:47 am

Op 14-9-2010 3:33, Neo schreef:

What does your dealer tell you about this paint problem? I guess there
is still some warranty on the carpaint?

Posted by Neo on September 17, 2010, 12:29 pm

hmmm. Good question.
I'll have to check up on that...

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