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2012 Prius MPV - Toyota MiniVan Hybrid scheduled for sale in 2011

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Posted by Neo on April 23, 2010, 11:12 am

2012 Prius MPV - Toyota MiniVan Hybrid being ready for sale in 2011

Nikkei business daily reported that Toyota Motor
Corporation is planning to sell a competitively
priced Prius-based hybrid minivan using lithium ion
batteries in 2011. Reportedly, this new hybrid
model will have up to three rows of seats and
carry up to seven people.  The Toyota Teiho
Factory in Aichi Prefecture will make the first
Li-Ion battery packs and Panasonic EV Energy
Company will mass produce the Li-Ion battery
packs later.  It is rumoured that the 2012 Prius
MPV design will borrow heavily from the Toyota
FT-CH concept platform [1]. It is likely that
the 2012 Prius MPV will initially be sold only
in Japan - which is heavily subsizing the hybrid
market there.


[1] - see photos of the FT-CH concept platform
Revealed: 2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid Minivan Concept
Toyota to Unveil Prius Minivan 2011

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