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Posted by Ray O on May 4, 2006, 9:14 pm

A hybrid does get better fuel economy in city driving than at a steady
cruise, however, it does get better highway fuel economy than a comparably
sized petrol car and there are no losses in the generator and motor.

Rather than making uninformed guesses, you can read about Toyota and Honda's
hybrid technology at their respective web sites.

Ray O
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Posted by =?iso-8859-1?Q?mark=5Fdigital= on May 5, 2006, 8:30 pm

Generally you are correct. Problem though is if there is a lead foot behind
me I'm compelled to accelerate much quicker in city traffic. What happens
then is instead of the engine taking over at about 10-12 mph it kicks in
about 2-3 mph.  I've had people pull up beside me and yell (like they're
ready to kill me) get that piece of shit off the road. My only recourse then
is to not move at all.

Posted by Jean B. on May 6, 2006, 2:06 pm
 mark_digital© wrote:

What are they alluding to when they call it a POS?  I've never
elicited such comments.  Your part of Massachusetts must be
populated by much ruder people!  <g>

Jean B.

Posted by Michelle Steiner on May 3, 2006, 6:38 am

Overall mileage.  I actually get better mileage on the freeway than I do
on surface streets; that's because my surface street driving usually has
a stop sign every half mile or mile, with speed limits of 40 to 50 MPH,
and usually for fairly short distances, so the engine doesn't get to
warm up.  When I'm in downtown traffic with speeds of 25-35 MPH, I often
get in the upper sixties after the first five to ten minutes of driving.

The two people I personally know of who get in the sixties live in West
Virginia and in Hawaii.

Stop Mad Cowboy Disease:  Impeach the son of a Bush.

Posted by someone on May 2, 2006, 9:07 pm
 In alt.autos.toyota perfb@yahoo.com wrote:

The European gallon is also 20% bigger.  So 40mpg on a US gallon vs 50mpg on
an Imperial gallon isn't that big a difference.

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