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$0 a day gas bill?!

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Posted by DougSlug on May 10, 2007, 11:40 am

On the front page of the Trenton (NJ) Times this morning is a photo of a gas
station attendant pumping gas into a bright yellow Hummer. Below is this

Ken D---- is dwarfed by a Hummer as he pumps gas at a Shell station in
Yardville yesterday. The vehicle's owner says his gas bill is $0 a day.
Motorists can expect little relief."

Am I missing something here? There's definitely relief in sight...I can see
it sitting in my driveway!

- Doug

Posted by B. Peg on May 10, 2007, 1:19 pm

Some people don't care how much it costs nor how much they consume.
Example, John Travolta's 5 jets parked outside his Florida home.  I dunno,
but 500 gallons to fly one a day seems rather wasteful for one person.
Hummer seems like a Prius in comparison.


Posted by Michael Pardee on May 10, 2007, 7:06 pm

Gas pricing seems to confuse people. A lot of people will drive miles for
gas that is ten cents per gallon less, even though that represents only 3%
saving. There is one regular in the alt.autos.honda forum who dismisses the
benefit of hybrids by saying his Civic can get 35 mpg on the highway. He
doesn't need to mention that getting to and from the highway it is getting
20-25 mpg.... Anyway, either of our Prius (2002s) will easily get 45 mpg
highway, the equivalent of paying a dollar per gallon less for gasoline. In
town it will double his economy, equivalent to $.50 off the price of a
gallon. If he had a gas station that sold gas for $.50 per gallon
(difference in city driving), or even $ per gallon (difference in highway
driving), are we supposed to believe he would pass it up?


Posted by Shawn Hirn on May 11, 2007, 12:43 am

My dad just bought a fully loaded Corolla a couple of days ago for
thousands less than a base Prius costs. You have to factor in ALL the
costs in this kind of discussion, not just the cost per gallon of gas
because that does not equate to cost per mile driven. If my dad bought a
Prius instead, he would spend much more money per mile because he's a
senior citizen who just uses his car for shopping, getting to doctor's
appointments, the gym, and other neighborhood places. Rarely does he go
anywhere further than 20 miles from his home.

I am new to this newsgroup. Every time I see a Prius on the road, I keep
thinking how cool it would be for me to buy one when the time comes to
replace the car I have now. The trouble is that for a decently loaded
Prius, I would easily spend around $7,000 and the miles/gallon would
not justify the additional price over a car like the Corolla or Civic
considering that I average around 12,000 miles of driving per year.

I believe Consumer Reports did a review of hybrid vehicles a year or two
ago and they said the cut-off point to actually save money on gas by
buying a Prius will occur when (if) gas gets to be around $.50/gallon.
At least in the area where I live, gas is a lot cheaper than that.

In comparing the costs of a hybrid with a standard car, you have to
factor in all the costs, not just gas. Examples ore the sale price, the
number of miles you typically get out of your cars, maintenance cost,
expected resale value, etc. Someone who drives a Civic might be spending
less / mile then you do with your Prius when you factor in the costs of
the two vehicles, total miles driven, etc.

Posted by Mike Rosenberg on May 11, 2007, 1:17 am

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