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Posted by Davoud on July 7, 2006, 6:24 am


Cathy F

Hmmmm. Not certain. My truck cost nearly $0k and got poor gas mileage.
But I paid cash for it, so that's not an issue. The issue is that I
didn't get my $0k worth of use out of it before selling it. I don't
expect the Prius's economy -- perhaps four times better city mileage --
to compensate for the lost use of the truck /and/ the additional cost
of the Prius. But, again, for me it wasn't so much about saving money
personally. I happen to know Arabic, and I lived or traveled
extensively in the Middle East from 1976 - 1993, and it seems I have a
better understanding of events there than anyone in the Bush
administration -- or at least better than anyone who has spoken
publicly about the grave errors we are making there. I'm sorry if that
seems political; given my aforesaid experience, to me it is not at all
political, but a simple statement of reality.

A personal treat is also a valid reason for getting a Prius!

Are you serious? You can forget to turn your headlights on /at/ /night/

Yes, but I wouldn't exactly call it wiggle room. That was the price,

I forgot to mention that they also have a backup camera that displays a
color image on the navigation/control display. It's in all option
packages, which probably means it's in all Prius's, because you are
unlikely to find a Prius with no option package. It isn't meant to
guide you in backing up, but to show you at a glance if there are any
yard rats or puppies behind you.


usenet *at* davidillig dawt com

Posted by Cathy F. on July 7, 2006, 5:15 pm

Oh, yes.  If in a well-lit parking lot when srtarting the car & then drive
down well-lit city streets, I can easily forget - can see where I'm going,
so don't realize they're not on.  I know I'm not unique in this, 'cause I
myself have blipped my high beams at other drivers for a second to warn them
of no lights on their cars on city streets.

Knocking something off the MRSP is wiggle room IMO, when compared with
absolutely no movement on the dealer's part.

Yes, I know a person who bought a Prius this past spring & she has the
back-up camera, & loves it.  In her case, she's glad of it because of their
dog, & when their gr'children visit.


Posted by Bill on July 7, 2006, 5:34 pm

Whew, thought I was the only one!

How about the navigation system?  Keeps you in the center of the road even
in dense fog.  Will they add Doppler radar in 2008?  Will we have IDR
(Instrument Driving Rules) along the lines of IFR?

Posted by Dave on July 7, 2006, 2:27 pm

Cathy F. wrote:

I find this false impression that with automatic headlights you don't
have to do anything at all with the light switch. I have run into people
who proudly proclaim they NEVER touch their headlight switch anymore
being so stupid as not to realize that headlights & taillights help YOU
to been seen also in foul weather such as rain, snow, and fog. I also
don't understand how you can drive down the street (without the auto
lights) and don't realize that you don't have your headlights on. Oh the
dumbing down of American is complete!

Posted by Bill on July 7, 2006, 4:20 pm

The dumbing-down of America was completed last November.

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