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Aftermarket Nav system

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Posted by Michelle Steiner on December 9, 2004, 4:50 pm
My dealer has brochures for the Eclipse by Fujitsu Ten DVD Navigation
System.  It looks very much like the Prius Nav system, but with added
features.  (I don't see any features that the Prius system has that this
one doesn't have, and all the screen shots look identical to the one on
the Prius.)

There are fourteen buttons on the sides of the screen--seven on each

You can specify two "must use" roads when requesting a destination.  
(So, if you want a specific scenic route, you can specify it, for
example.)  I don't recall whether the Prius system has this.

You can specify up to five on-the-way locations as stopping points.  (I
think that the Prius also allows this, but I'm not sure.)

It has built-in AM and FM radio (six presets each, and can automatically
choose the six strongest signals in each band as the presets; the Prius
has 12 FM presets).  It has a 9-band equalizer.  (I think the Prius's
equalizer has fewer bands.)  It has a CD player, and an MP3 player.  It
also has a DVD player, but if the car is in motion, it will play only
the audio from the DVD; the car has to be stopped for it to play the
video.  It has a remote control for the non-navigation features.  There
are also four 50-watt channels of sound.

It has an optional rear-view camera.

I did not ask the price.  Also, the brochures were displayed next to the
Scion section of the display floor, so I don't know whether it can be
retrofitted to a non-Nav Prius.

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