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Anti-skid systems

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Posted by Paul Missman on December 19, 2005, 1:39 am
Since we have had some early snow and ice here in Virginia, I've been able
to test the Prius anit-skid systems.  I hit the brakes on an icy parking
lot, and it very quickly unlocked the wheels and displayed the "overriding
inputs of stupid human" symbol.  Another time, after exiting the driveway, I
gave it a bit of a turn and stomped on the gas.  It stopped the skid in
probably less than 1/6 of a tire rotation, and gave me a speed that would
maintin proper traction.  Quite an impressive system.

I haven't gotten into a situation where it brings me to a dead halt, as on a
totally icy hill.  I suppose, in that situation, I would wish for an
override button.


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