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August 2008 and Drunken Murderess Laura Varker has avoided arrest

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Posted by Anonymous on August 9, 2008, 9:04 pm


Even an hour after the accident, Varker's blood-alcohol level
was 0.09, over the legal limit for adults. And, as an underage
driver, she was in violation of the law by having any amount of
alcohol in her system.
One of Varker's girlfriends, 15-year-old Felicia Edwards, didn't
drink a drop. But it was Edwards who died when Varker's Yukon
Denali hit another car and flipped over and over like a
tumbleweed before coming to a horrifying stop on the Bush
Highway north of Mesa. Edwards was thrown from the SUV and
pronounced dead at the scene.

Laura Varker has not been charged with any crime.

Authorities say 17-year-old Laura Varker had been drinking when
she was involved in an accident that left another teenage girl

They say Varker had past alcohol offenses, used a fake ID to buy
beer on the day of the crash and lied to deputies afterward.

They also say Varker was driving her mother's SUV on a Salt
River tubing trip when she crossed a double yellow line, hit a
car making a U-turn and flipped three times.
But Varker has never been charged in the May 2007 death, and her
attorneys insist she did not cause the accident. Until last
month, when the case was transferred to North Mesa Justice Court
on five misdemeanor charges, Varker had not been charged with
any crimes at all.

Instead, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office described Varker
as a "victim" or "witness" in the case and charged the driver of
the car she hit with nine felonies, including manslaughter and
leaving the scene of a fatal accident.

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