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Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on September 15, 2008, 2:29 pm

. . .

Engineers know this but others often take a different point of view.

Lotus, who makes no hybrid, issued a world wide press release and got a
lot of coverage after they put a speaker in a Prius front bumper to play
engine noises. This was just an attempt to jerk Toyota around who is
beating them in the market place. Also, there is "Fischer" that claims
to be making a hybrid but near as I can tell they are just milking the
venture capitalists.

It is hard to say because a lot of these 'signals' are subtle. Any
corporation foolish enough to make an overt signal tends to get
'killed.' However, in July there was an announcement by a Japanese
company of a cell phone that can 'detect cars using the same system used
for automated toll booths.'

In the meanwhile, I've had success with a spare NHW11 keyfob. I've
mapped the transmit frequency, duration and figured out the data
encoding. I've not tried to decrypt the packets, yet, but that is not
really required. At a minimum, I can prototype a workable keyfob system
and demonstrate it to Congress.

Sad to say but I've learned more about the Congressional legislative
system than I ever wished ... at some expense. I never wanted to go into
public affairs and this has been a baptism by fire.

All I can say is thanks to everyone who helped me in the past and in
particular, those who signed our petition at HybridFest. Of all of the
work done, the petitions have given us standing and that was critical to
our work.

Bob Wilson

Posted by DougSlug on September 16, 2008, 12:23 am

I've used my handheld comms receiver (Icom IC-R20, if you're into that sort
of thing) for the same purpose, although I didn't get as far as you did
since, at the time, I didn't have a particular goal in mind--I was just

I assume your keyfob idea is for the car to detect the proximity of a keyfob
carried by an "at risk" pedestrian, then use the horn or something to
produce an audible signal.  Is that correct?  I think this is a workable
idea, but my main concern would be that of range.  Isn't the range for the
SKS system fairly limited by design?  Is the range sufficient to provide a
warning with reasonable reaction time?  That aside, clearly an RF-based
approach holds a lot of promise.  One could imagine incorporating
transmitters into canes, seeing-eye dog harnesses or leashes, etc., so it
doesn't increase the burden.

Seems like a cell phone would also be a great starting point--one that is
programmed to periodically output a specially encoded signal.  The advantage
there is the potential for range and for including other types of features
(for instance, the phone could speak to the user, say, to give directional
or speed information) with little to no incremental cost.  Most everybody
carries one already anyway.  The down side in that case would be that the
hybrids would have to be appropriately equipped to receive and act upon the
special cell phone signal.

 - Doug

Posted by Bob & Holly Wilson on September 16, 2008, 5:02 am


I've measured my car keyfob range at over 100 meters in an empty parking
lot and again this evening. Lowering the keyfob to my ankle and it
continued to operate.

Correct. There are some technical issues but it starts to make the
'smart highway' real.

The Apple G3 with built-in GPS could support differential GPS for
accurate angle and distance. However, one challenge is pedestrians, as
vehicles, don't have a lot of power.

However, my thinking is 80% of all North American vehicles have remote
keyless receivers running at 315 MHz. At this frequency, the wavelength
is about 1/3d of meter, which offers some interesting ranging options.

Bob Wilson

Posted by Mr Ed on September 16, 2008, 2:11 pm
 What about Bicycles.  If they bell us, they'll have to bell Bikes.

Mr Ed

Posted by Was Istoben on September 16, 2008, 7:04 pm

I thought they broke up the bell system.

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