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Black package six with ivory interior

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Posted by Bill on January 12, 2005, 5:47 pm
Now #1 on my list (after a seven month wait) I'm told my Prius is "on the
truck" and will arrive in Fargo this week.  Unfortunately this one has an
ivory interior and I ordered gray.  I'm told they are "scratching around"
for a conforming unit and will deliver what I ordered next month if I don't
take this one.  If you are familiar with Minnesota in January, you don't
wonder why I don't mind waiting another month.

If I don't take the unit with the ivory interior, and if no one on their
waiting list does, this one will be available for immediate delivery (in
Fargo) in case anyone who reads this group is interested.  A rear view of
this color combination can be seen in the '05 brochure.  Yes, Fargo has an
airport.  :-)

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