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Brake failures alleged for Toyota Prius - Page 2

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Posted by Ron Peterson on December 30, 2009, 4:59 am

explains the problem a little more.

My HH gave me non-linear braking, but now I am used to it and can


Posted by DA on December 30, 2009, 5:36 pm

Ron Peterson wrote:

The *DETROIT* bureau explains the problem wrong: they attribute the
different feel of braking on rough and uneven surfaces to transition from
regenerative to hydraulic braking whereas this is a VERY common issue with
every vehicle of every manufacturer I've ever owned that had a stability
control system (GM, Mazda, Toyota Prius). Front wheels bounce differently
because of the uneven rough surface and the stability control system tries
to compensate that by sacrificing stopping distance for giving you ability
to better control where the car is going. This explanation is in fact
coming straight from the Prius owner's manual (paraphrased by me though)

There is an easy solution: do not speed coming up to a traffic light!
There guaranteed to be a rough wavy surface just before the light and if
you are not going straight, you will always tip the stability control off.

I'm in my second Prius and I've driven about 110,000 miles in a Prius so
far in every driving condition there is, including NYC traffic that's
mentioned in the comments to that article. I've never felt I needed to
compensate for any particular type of braking and I would not call it
non-linear any more than any other car's brakes are. You *always* start
braking lighter, then harder and then lighter again just before the car
stops - basically you, the driver, is the most non-linear element in the
whole system.  

Also, if you are driving your first mile in a Prius as in any other car,
you *HAVE TO* be careful: every car responds to braking differently. If
you ever had to rent a car, you'll agree with me.

Drive safe!

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Posted by phaeton on December 30, 2009, 6:02 am

Damn, can't anyone spell anymore?

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