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Posted by Jean B. on August 16, 2005, 6:24 pm
news.envoy.com wrote:

Thanks!  I wonder what, if anything, *I* will be told?  And
what the manual says.  Soon I shall know all.  (Car is coming
in sometime between now and Thursday.  I may not pick it up
until Saturday though.)

Jean B.

Posted by Ingenuous on August 17, 2005, 1:03 am

Manual says not to change speed abruptly so you better break that habit of
peeling-out on green, Jean.

Posted by Jean B. on August 17, 2005, 3:47 am
 Ingenuous wrote:

Yeah.  It's a bad habit anyway.  I got into it because my car
is very quick off the start, and I found that kind-of fun.  :-(

Jean B.

Posted by richard schumacher on August 17, 2005, 2:20 pm

I like to do it when anyone next to me at a stoplight is showing real
attitude.  It's fun to pull away from some squealing Charger, Mustang,
or SUV.  This is possible because most people don't know how to
optimally shift their old broken down shit technology transmissions,
which of course is not an issue in a Prius.  (Can't beat BMWs or
'Vettes, though; that will have to wait for the hybrid Camry.)  It seems
to help to push the pedal just enough to start the engine (takes about
half-a-second), and then mash it to the floor for as long as necessary.  
It works especially well going uphill.  The others just crap out.  

Of course, do this only *after* the sensible-driving break-in period,
otherwise performance and engine life may be reduced.  Synthetic oil may
also help.

Posted by Al Bundy on August 17, 2005, 9:15 pm
 Oh, to be 17 years old again!

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