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Calif HOV lane

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Posted by dbs__usenet on August 13, 2005, 5:50 am
 Hi Folks,

Just want to share what I've found out about the HOV (car pool lane)
stickers.  I spent most of yesterday learning about it.

If you live in most of california, just fill out the form on the
DMV's page (www.dmv.ca.gov) and send it in with a check.

If you live in any county surrounding the SF bay, you have to jump
through hoops.  You need to get a special electronic radio transmitter
before you get the sticker.  The DMV page has incorrect information
at this time, since the rules seem to be changing quickly and two
dofferent goverenment agencies are involved.

The hoops are:

o  You need to get a special FasTrak radio transmitter.

   The transmitter is required so you will be properly billed when you
   use the toll bridges.  This ignores the fact that some of us (most???)
   don't commute across a toll bridge.  It's required anyway.

   To get this transmitter, you have to mail in a copy of
   your registration which has to identify your car as a hybrid.
   Unfortunately, MY registration does not mention the model, just the
   make and VIN.

   If you have an existing FasTrak automatic toll account, you have to
   trade it in for a new one.

   The form has to be downloaded online, (a PDF) and printed out, then
   mailed in.  You can't call it on or do it on-line.  The PDF file
   will not print unless you have a recently updated copy of Adobe's
   Acrobat Reader.

   They will mail you the transmitter and the special paperwork that the
   DMV is not expecting.

   Note that this does not apply to people with hybrids in adjacent
   counties who do commute via the SF Bay area toll bridges.  They don't
   need to get a transmitter.  

o  You need to send the DMV a form and $ and your proof of FasTrak account.

   As of today, the DMV still does not know that the FasTrak folks
   are telling us that we need a special trasnmitter, not the standard

   A DMV employee told me to just send in the $ and the form to see if
   it is accepted.

   The form must be mailed, since the local DMV offices are not stocking
   the sticker.

o  The Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) has put out a contract for more than
   $00,000 to install fastrak readers on the 4 bridges that have
   dedicated carpool lanes.

   Wouldn't it be cheaper to simply put up a sign saying "hybrids exit
   carpool lane here to pay toll"?

Please, if you are in california, please contact your state senator and
assembly person and ask that they revoke that silly requirement.  None of the
other low polution cars (electric, CNG, vanpool, etc) are required to get an
electronic tag, so why should we.

As a parting shot:  Liz Figeroa, state senator for my area, did not know that
almost 1/2 of all the hybrids in california are in the greater bay area.

Let your elected representatives know.


Posted by B. Peg on August 14, 2005, 12:28 am
The odd thing about this law is that only the two Hondas and Prius are the
ones that get the sticker.   Owners of the other two Toyota hybrids,
Outlander (?) and the Lexus 400 SUV, it doesn't apply to as their mileage is
under 45mpg.


Posted by Glenn Shaw on August 14, 2005, 3:26 am
 B. Peg wrote in alt.autos.toyota.prius:

That's "Highlander". The Outlander is a Mitsubishi SUV. :)

And the Lexus hybrid SUV is the RX 400h ("h" standing for "hybrid", natch).

Glenn Shaw Indianapolis, IN USA
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Posted by B. Peg on August 14, 2005, 3:41 pm
I never can remember the name of that vehicle for some reason.  That's why
the (?) appeared.  Maybe I'll remember it now.  ;o\


Posted by dbs__usenet on August 15, 2005, 2:24 am
It's not too odd.   Those cars are not as clean and don't conserve
as much.  They use the hybrid system to boost the power, not so much
to conserve.

It is odd that the Battery Electric Vehicles (electric cars) are allowed
in the HOV no matter how inefficient they are and no matter what power
source  is used to charge the battery pack.

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