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Carbon Footprint Emissions: Prius vs Volt vs Leaf

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Posted by Neo on July 3, 2010, 7:44 pm


A Department of Energy study found that
depending on which electrical utility region
an electric or plug-in hybrid recharges from
the carbon footprint of the electricity provider
to generate the electricity could be more
than the carbon footprint generated by a
regular gas-electric hybrid like the Toyota
Prius. The Western part of the USA, especially
the Northwestern USA states, is where electric
and plugin hybrids would generate less
carbon dioxide emissions than a regular
hybrid. However, in the Mid-Atlantic states
and the Upper Midwest States, a regular hybrid
like the Toyota Prius would have a smaller
carbon foot print than an all-electric car
like the Nissan Leaf.  In New york, Ohio,
Illinoise, and the Southeastern states a
regular hybrid(like the Toyota Prius), would
have a smaller carbon foot print than an
all electric car (like the Nissan Leaf)  OR
a plugin hybrid (like the Chevy Volt).


Carbon foot print cause by electricity
used by a Plugin or All Electric vehicle
is very low if the electricity is generated
by hydroelectric, solar, geothermal or
wind power. Electric power generated by
nuclear power would have a radioactive
waste foot print (which is not identified in
the source story).  The source story identifies
electrical utility regions where electricity
is mainly generated by using coal/natural
gas/diesel (fossil fuels) inwhich the electricity
used by a EV or PHEV would indirectly
generate a carbon dioxide footprint.

The Dirty Truth about Plug-in Hybrids:
How green is that electric car?
Depends on where you plug in.
Michael Moyer. Scientific American.
July 2010. Vol. 303. Number 1. page 54-55

Posted by Neo on July 16, 2010, 9:08 am

Both the  Leaf and the Volt get about 100 miles/23kwh
charge which translates to 4.348 miles/ 1.00 kwh charge.

If electricity cost 18 cents/1.00 kwh charge then
the recharging cost would be 18 cents per 4.348 miles.
Supposing instead of buying gas at $.70/gallon,
one buys $.70 of electricity at 18 cents per kwh
($.70/15kwh) - this would allow the Leaf or Volt
to travel an estimated 65 miles using  electricity only.
A 2010 Toyota Prius using an equivalent $.70/
gallon of gas  would travel an EPA estimated 50 miles,

While hypermiling techniques could increase
the Prius's range - such techniques could also
increase the Leaf's or Volt's EV range as well...

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