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Posted by Bob Wilson on April 15, 2006, 5:14 am

In contrast, I bought my 03 Prius for $7,300, about $00 more than the
Scion we were considering. Depending upon how gas prices go, we'll have
paid off the $00 difference in the first year.

Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson

Posted by Michelle Steiner on April 16, 2006, 11:08 pm

And a lot of goodies that you can't get with the Corolla; if your roomie
didn't want or need those goodies, he's better off buying a Corolla.

When I was shopping for a Prius, quite a few salespeople tried to talk
me into buying a Corolla; I told them, "I have a paid off 3 year old
Acura TL.  Why should I trade it in for a Corolla?"  That pretty much
shut them up about it.

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Posted by Paul Neubauer on April 17, 2006, 3:06 am
Just what are those goodies, that would be enough (for some) to desire
the Prius - aside from it being a hybrid, of course?

I drive a 1998 Corolla CE now, and in a few years I expect I'll be
looking at a new vehicle again.  I've been keeping an eye on what the
Corolla LE is of late.  If not most, at least a significant number of
of my miles are highway.  I could see leaning towards a Prius if I
were comparing it against a Camry - the price and size are about
the same, and the Prius has a significant fuel economy advantage over
a Camry.

The Prius certainly has the fuel economy advantage over any Corolla
as well, but it also costs more. From an economic standpoint (and
let's face it, feeling good about something does in itself pay any
bills) the fuel economy advantage doesn't outweigh the price
disadvantage.  At least not until significantly worse fuel prices,
but I stopped doing the comparison at $/gallon where it still
made more sense, for me, to get a Corolla.

I like the idea of the Prius.  It certainly is a neat machine. I
just haven't been able to justify to myself the additional
expense of it.

Paul Neubauer, N9IOG
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Posted by Michelle Steiner on April 17, 2006, 3:16 am

Oh, let's see now:

the key fob instead of a mechanical key.
smart start and smart entry
HID headlights
CD changer and upgraded audio system
Navigation system.
That sort of stuff.

Well maybe a Scion xA or a Toyota Yaris would be a better buy for you
than a Corolla; they cost less than a Corolla does, and you seem to be
focused on price.

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Posted by B. Peg on April 17, 2006, 4:02 am
....forgot to add that the Prius is a hatchback.  Corolla?  Not!

Okay, the voice prompts like "Temperature 75 degrees" and then the lady
under the dash responds with "Setting temperature to 75 degrees" is pretty
cool too.

The two cars are way, way apart in features.  In the case of the Corolla,
way behind.


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