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Concerns over the Electromagnetic Radiation in hybrid cars

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Posted by Frederick Thinh-Ball on March 8, 2007, 5:58 pm

Greetings all,

I'm calling out to you for your personal experiences/observations/
feedback about driving a hybrid car, and exposing yourselves to
Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) within the cabin of the car.

Has anyone taken a reading and gotten a Gauss or Tesla measurement?

My prime concern is that Toyota and Honda consider the EMR reading
classified information. As hard as I have tried, they would not
divulge this information, as such, I gave up my quest for a hybrid,
and bought a standard ICE car.

EMR is not something to take lightly. We've all experienced first hand
when we watch TV too closely for too long, or worked behind a CRT
computer monitor for too long. The long term health effects are not
known, but the symptoms are real. These range from standard fatigue to
extreme mood swings to cancer.

Based on symptoms alone, a two hour continuous drive in a Prius is
equivalent to working behind a CRT computer monitor for 24hrs
straight. For the Honda Civic it is 4 hours because the main power
line runs under the passenger seat rather than the driver's seat in
the Prius.

It is very unfortunate that hybrids are being pushed hard into the
market when little is known about EMR. Only recently science are
finding Cell Phones are causing an increase in brain cancer, and
science is still on the fence about homes built near power lines,
which really unfortunately does not help those victims of leukemia.
Mood swings is the most visible symptom of EMR exposure. And having
EMR exposure while drive would only help drive up the incidences of
road rage.

Just my 2 cents.

Concerned and green citizen of this earth.

Posted by Michael Pardee on March 8, 2007, 10:24 pm

This has been kicked around a few times. The fields are pretty much the same
as any other car, mostly because the wiring and motors don't leak much flux.
The ones you'd worry about are the long DC wires from the battery to the
inverter up front, because they pass under the passenger compartment, and
the AC leads under the hood. The DC wires are unimportant because there is
no energy radiated from DC wires - no change, no energy. The AC wires are
short and bundled together so there is minimal flux from those, either.

An important indicator is that the AM radio works just fine. It is the real
"canary in the coal mine" for EMs not associated with actual transmitters.

Finally, the concern about EM fields has pretty much been laid to rest. In
the '80s there was a lot of concern when a large study of workers in the
electric industry showed nearly twice the normal risk for two brain
cancers - gliomas and astrocytomas. This led directly to EM radiation
standards, especially for consumer products. However, twenty years of
intense study has shown no link between EM fields and anything but known
heating effects. Most significantly, RF in the UHF range and above can heat
the eyeballs and cause cataracts to develop. But cancer - definitely not.
Only ionizing radiation is associated with that.

Mike (FCC licensed since 1969 and in the electric industry for 23 years, and
still doing just fine/fine/fine... )

Posted by bob on March 9, 2007, 12:58 pm

the biggest study ever on cell phone/brain cancer was recently released from
sweden or norway (late last yr) - showed no difference in cancer rates
between cell phone addicts and those with no cell phone.


Posted by DougSlug on March 9, 2007, 12:55 am

This is baloney--junk science.  You need to educate yourself about EM fields
without the influence of the media before drawing a conclusion.  Read the
results of actual scientific studies, not those designed to unfairly
influence the layman.  I only wish I could point you to some proper sources,
but since I am an electrical engineer, I never felt the need to prove or
disprove this nonsense.

In the mean time, it's OK to take your razor blades out from under that
pyramid.  Life is too short to be worrying about these things.  If you find
yourself becoming obsessed by these ideas, please seek psychological help.

 - Doug

Posted by davmel on March 9, 2007, 2:46 pm

DougSlug wrote:

Symptoms???? That's nothing more than unsubstantiated crap. You
experience fatigue and mood swings sitting in front of monitor too long
by forcing your body to sit motionless for a long period of time (which
is unnatural) and preventing your eye muscles from relaxing by focusing
at the same distance for too long (plus the added affect of screen
flicker). It has NOTHING to do with EM unless you belong to the tin foil
hat brigade.
Just for the record I've done numerous 9 hour non-stop drives in the
Prius and I haven't experienced any adverse 'symptoms' than when driving
other non hybrid vehicles. If anything I've felt happier knowing that my
journey has involved far less pollution than other vehicles and it's a
very enjoyable car to drive.

Crap. EVERY reputable scientific study has found NO link between mobiles
and cancer.

I think you'll find that almost all Prius owners are very pleased about
driving their Prius. By your logic the EM radiation is actually
providing a positive mood swing which is a good thing.

It's very odd that some people worry about cancer from EMR inside a
motor vehicle when one should be far more concerned about the possible
bodily harm through an auto accident.
How many people died from a car accident last year compared to the
number that died of cancer from EM radiation exposure in their car?

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