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Could this be the LARGEST recall in automotive history?!?!?

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Posted by =?iso-2022-jp?q?Hachiroku_=1B$ on February 10, 2010, 1:33 am

Not by a friggin' longshot!

#1 Ford 2008 (12 million vehicles)
    In February of 2008, Ford issued the industry's largest-ever recall,
    affecting Lincoln and Mercury SUVs, pickups, cars, and vans of model
    years '93 to '04. The lowly cruise-control switch was behind this
    mother-of-all do-overs. It had a nasty habit of catching fire, sometimes
    hours after the vehicle had been parked and turned off. Owner response,
    however, has been slow, so in a rare move Ford reissued the recall in
    September of 2008 for the 5 million vehicles still unrepaired.

#2. Ford 1996 (8.6 million vehicles)
    In 1996, after customers complained of fires caused by faulty ignition
    systems, Ford Motor Co. recalled vehicles including 1998-'93 Escorts,
    Mustangs, Tempos, Thunderbirds, Cougars, Crown Vics, Grand Marquis,
    Lincoln Town Cars, Aerostars, Broncos, and F-series trucks.

#3. GM 1971 (6.7 million vehicles)
    In 1971, some GM customers got the ride of their lives as engine mounts
    began separating from frames and falling back onto throttles. The models
    with these rocket-like tendencies included Belair, Brookwood, Camaro,
    Caprice, Chevrolet, Chevy II, G Series, Impala, Kingswood, Nova, P
    Series, C Series, and Townsmen.

#4 GM 1981 (5.8 million vehicles)
    Some drivers learned the hard way that suspension bolts in certain GM
    models had a way of wiggling themselves loose. The result? The loss of
    ability to steer the car. In 1981, GM offered to replace the dubious
    bolts in the Century, Regal, El Camino, Malibu, Monte Carlo, Caballero,
    Cutlass, Grand Prix, and Lemans.

#5. Ford 1971 (4.1 million vehicles)

    Seatbelt shoulder harnesses on 1970 and '71 Ford Rancheros, Lincolns,
    Mercurys, and Fords (yes, there was at one time a Ford Ford) had an
    annoying tendency to fray and detach from the metal holding it to the
    frame. And though few drivers were even wearing seatbelts back then, Ford
    did the right thing and issued the recall.

#6 GM 1973 (3.7 million vehicles)

    The ability to control where your car actually goes is important. GM saw
    the truth of this in 1973 when they agreed to install engine shields to
    prevent stones from disabling the steering assembly. 18 models were
    affected: Centurion, Electra, Estate Wagon, LeSabre, Riviera, Belair,
    Biscayne, Brookwood, Caprice, Impala, Kingswood, Kingswood Estate,
    Townsmen, Olds 88 and 98, Bonneville, Grand Ville, and Catalina.

#7 Honda 1995 (3.7 million vehicles)

    In 1995, American Honda Motor Co. dealt with a serious concern in some of
    its models. Cracked and disintegrating safety-belt release buttons were
    causing belts to fail or-just as potentially dangerous-trapping
    passengers in their cars after an accident. The recall included Civic,
    Prelude, Accord, Acura, Legend, Integra, and NSX models.

#8 Volkswagen 1972 (3.7 million vehicles)
    Lost visibility can be just as dangerous as fire or a failing seatbelt.
    Some Volkswagen of America customers found this out the hard way when
    their windshield wiper arms worked themselves loose and went spinning off
    into the rain or snow. So in 1972, Volkswagen offered to replace the part
    in Bugs built between 1949 and 1969.

#9 GM 2004 (3.6 million vehicles)
    From 1999 to 2004, tailgating took on a new dimension for the 134
    customers who suffered minor accidents from collapsing tailgates.
    Corroded cables were the culprits. In 2004, GM offered to replace the
    tailgate cables on Silverados, Sierras, Escalades, and Avalanches. In
    their defense, it should be noted that customers are clearly warned not
    to stand on open tailgates. At least 134 have not read that part of the
    owner's manual.

#10 Ford 1987 (3.6 million vehicles)
    Engine-compartment fires caused by faulty fuel-line connectors compelled
    Ford to issue this recall in 1987. While not the biggest in terms of
    vehicle numbers, this recall may be the widest: affected vehicles
    included virtually every model Ford made, including F150-350 trucks, and
    all Lincoln and Mercury models.

WOW! Toyota's 2.1M didn't even make the top ten.


Posted by ransley on February 10, 2010, 3:58 am









 Only Toyota wanted to do nothing, so it is an issue. If the new CEO
had a brain he would have initiated action now under way, not waited
until it  was news. And What bullshit, they fix the Pruis production
line last month, and pretend like nothing is wrong with all the other
cars on the road. Bottom line, if they did what other auto makers do,
fix isues, it would not be news.  Toyotas quality isnt what it was.

Posted by =?iso-2022-jp?q?Hachiroku_=1B$ on February 10, 2010, 4:48 am

On Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:58:59 -0800, ransley wrote:

Who told you to say that?

Posted by ransley on February 10, 2010, 2:35 pm

Listen to the news, read, this isnt a new issue.

Posted by ransley on February 10, 2010, 2:39 pm

Oh, I didnt read your question, Nobody told me anything. I have
nothing to do with anything relating to autos except driving them, and
I still have a toyota in my garage.

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