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Posted by Jean B. on January 16, 2006, 2:48 pm
richard schumacher wrote:

Well, it wasn't using the gas engine at all (at least
according to the screen) and went down to two bars!!!

I've thought about that, but I am not quite sure what would
happen if one got a sheet of ice on that.  I guess if it just
was for the windhshield and back window, it wouldn't be a
huge, form-fitting sheet of ice all over the car....

Jean B.

Posted by Bill on January 16, 2006, 2:58 pm

Jean, I'm wondering if you started your car in the wrong mode by not
stepping on the brake pedal when you pushed the button.  Obviously it was
cold outside.  If the car is started and if the climate control is on and
set to, say 69F, the ICE will turn on-and-off to achieve and maintain that
temperature as well as to maintain battery charge.  In doing so, if you have
pressed the windshield defrost button, it will eventually melt the
windshield ice.

I remove the ice from my wipers by pulling them away from the windshield and
then letting the spring back in place.  A few good jars cracks it and it
flakes away.  I wonder what the ice melting slime does to one's wax job.

Posted by Jean B. on January 16, 2006, 3:16 pm
 Bill wrote:

I THINK I always have my foot on the brake pedal when I start,
but maybe not.

  Obviously it was

I might get to try again today, with a lesser amount of ice.
Eventually seems like a relatively long time in this car!
Maybe if I close the other heat vents?????

Is it safe to do that?

   I wonder what the ice melting slime does to one's wax job.

Well, I did try to confine it to the glass--and now I will try
to confine it to the area where the windshield wipers work.  I
am a bit afraid to see what awaits me this morning.

I do think the Prius will have to go into the garage--but it
also transpired that the Passat's battery was dead yesterday,
so I can't evict it quite yet.  I may just have to sell it,
since I am only driving it to keep the battery alive (which
obviously didn't work yesterday) and because I want to see
what the Prius does on ice and snow.

Jean B.

Posted by Bill on January 16, 2006, 3:48 pm

I can see myself reaching inside the car for my ice scraper and pressing the
button while standing outside the car.  :-)

I believe that happens automatically when you press the button on the
steering wheel.

Works for me but I try to judge how much jarring they can withstand.

I'm glad I kept my Explorer.  I used it to pull the Prius out of that snow
bank and drove it for a couple of days while I had the alarms.  Drove it
again for a couple of days when the snow was too deep for the Prius's
clearance.  It will also pull my pontoon boat trailer.  I cleaned it's
battery, topped-off with distilled water and gave it a full charge this past

Posted by richard schumacher on January 16, 2006, 7:12 pm

Watch for the "READY" light on the panel near the speedometer.  If it is  
not lighted, then the gas engine won't start and you will indeed run
down the battery.

Are you kidding?  Of course the car you intend to drive is the one that
should be in the garage the night before.

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