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Posted by Was Istoben on August 11, 2009, 2:51 am

Hey Elmo, if weren't for people who didn't read the manual nobody would know
how smart you are.  Look at it as a chance to show off.

Posted by TKM on August 14, 2009, 1:35 pm

Or who read it and don't get it or miss it somehow; but who, in good faith,
ask a reasonable question and then get slammed for being dumb, lazy, etc.
I'm none of those; I'd just like a polite answer or no answer, please.


Posted by Was Istoben on August 14, 2009, 4:21 pm

Took possession of my 2010 yesterday.  So far I've noticed these differences
from my 2005:

On the 2005 my cruise would release with a tap on the brake.  On the 2010 it
takes about 1/2" depression.

The 2010 in Economy mode is sluggish compared to the 2005.  I haven't tried
to performance mode.

The mileage instrumentation is more sophisticated and more complete on the
2010 however it was easier to read on the 2005's LCD display.

The 2010 Nav system is remarkably different from the 2005 even though the
2005 has the latest software release.

The 2010's handling at highway speeds is slightly different from the 2005's
however that may be due to the dealer-set tire pressure.  the 2010 came with
Yokohama tires, the 2005 came with Goodyear tires.

The optional carpets for the 2010 are crap compared to the ones that came
with the 2005.

The cup holders on the 2010, front and rear, are less convenient than on the

Entire family felt the black 2005 given to my daughter and looking like new
with a fresh wax job was more attractive than the dark metallic gray 2010.
The interior color scheme (dark gray on both) was much better in the 2005.

Without trying, I got an hour's worth of 5-minute bars all of which were
above 50 driving 55 mph with light/variable wind.  If it will do this new, I
suspect it will easily beat my overall 52 mpg average with the 2005.

The backup camera works far better than I expected.   The steering wheel
button/display feature is nice however after memorizing the buttons on the
2005 it is initially clumsy.

The fuzzy material on the 2005's dash has been replaced by smooth material
that will be much easier to clean.

The CD and DVD insertion features are completely different.  The LCD screen
swings down at the touch of a button exposing a slot for the six CDs as well
as a slot for the NAV DVD.

The 2010 comes with and specifies synthetic oil so oil changes will be more

All of the windows in the 2010 have express mode, not just the driver's
window as in the 2005.

The rear windows in the 2010 go all the way down, unlike the rear windows in
the 2005.

The tools in the 2010 are inconveniently located under the rear storage area
so you must remove that to gain access to the tow screw.

The 2010 has two tow screw points instead of one as with the 2005.

The Climate control buttons are more convenient on the 2010, located around
the LCD display.

I like sliding in and out of the 2010 on it's leather seats however they are
hot compared to the cloth seats on the 2005.  The fabric on the 2005 cleans
so easily that the heated leather seats aren't worth the extra bucks.  I
might change my mind about that this winter.

On the GEN3 the plastic tub that holds the engine coolant is located right
where the tub that hold the windshield washer fluid on the GEN2.  You just
know someone is going to fill it with washer fluid, probably someone at your
Toyota dealership.

On the GEN3 there are a pair of heavy cables connecting to a box just to the
left of the box containing the battery jump point.  One of these has a
durable boot over the plug, the other does not, leaving the small,
individual wires exposed.  I don't know if this was an oversight on my car
or what, but there should have been a boot on that cable head.

With the GEN2 and GEN 3 side-by-side, about the only similarity one sees is
the location of the jump point.  The gas engine on the GEN 3 looks to be 50%
larger than on the GEN 2, and the hybrid assembly on the GEN 3 looks to be
50% smaller than on the GEN 2.

The external door locks are very different.  On the hatch, the doors are
locked by pressing a button hidden next to the latch release.  On the doors,
the buttons have been replaced by sensors on the door handles.  Overall,
this improves the appearance.

I'm only about 10% into TFM but I did study the section on the tire pressure
monitor and it indicates I will have to dismount and remount my snow tires
(on their own alloy wheels) to replace the conventional valve stems with
some that work with the monitor.  Does anyone know if these are generic
devices available from any tire shop?

TFM for the nav system is twice as thick as the one for the 2005.  That one
will put me to sleep for several nights.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on August 14, 2009, 4:29 pm

No, there shouldn't have been--any more than there's a boot on the
ground cable of ANY car.

Yes, that boot-less cable is the ground cable.  Now go to any non-Prius
and open the hood and look at the battery cables.  One is booted, the
other one isn't.

Posted by Was Istoben on August 14, 2009, 4:59 pm

No, it is NOT a ground cable.  It has about 20  conductors of various colors
ranging in size from 18 gauge to 22 gauge.  These wires rise about 2" from
the head of the plug, exposed, at which point they converge into the cable

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