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Error Codes

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Posted by Bill on March 9, 2005, 5:38 pm
After learning how to read the error codes from a link found here, I tried
it on my 2005 and came up with these:

System Check Mode:

Audio H/U reads CHK; mode memory: 63-46, occurred 05/03/07 time 03:02:55

LAN Monitor

EMV reads CHK and has 3 codes/sub codes:  01-D5/128-29-C, 01-D5/190-29-C,

DSP-AMP reads CHK and has 2 codes/sub codes: 01-E0/110-E2-3, 01-E3/-FF-1

Anyone out there who can tell me what these mean.  I called my dealer, gave
them these codes and was told to "bring it in" (as if they are going to see
something different) which is a day's trip.

I was going to simply clear the codes to see if the errors re-occurred
however the clear code button doesn't respond despite being green.  The
memory clear doesn't respond either.

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