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Finally have one! :-)

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Posted by Cathy on November 5, 2009, 2:18 am

I've posted here in the past, although rarely.

Have wanted a Prius since the '04 came out; drove 100 miles to see (other
than in pics) & test drive one back then.  (In fact, IIRC, someone here read
one of my posts & directed me to the upstate NY dealership that actually had
one on their lot - it was being used as a rental at the point.)  But no
matter how many times I did the math, was ~$K difference over a 6 yr.
ownership between a low # pkg. '04 Prius & a virtually fully loaded Corolla
LE.  Couldn't justify that amt. of money (other than "want"!), so wound up
buying my 4th Corolla in a row. Perfectly good car, smart buy, etc., but by
the 4th one... pretty boring. ;-)  As it turned out, the Prius has held its
value - for a car - really well, so the difference in cost may've been more
like $ - 2K , but never predicted that/thought to factor that in at the

Anyway... over 5 years went by & when the 2010 Prius came out - and read the
reviews, decided it was about time to treat myself.  ;-)  Ordered one ( a
lowly II, but it's still an upgrade from  my Corolla LE) at the end of Aug.
& have now had it for 3 weeks; love it.  Besides the fact that I have liked
the exterior & dash designs since the '04 came out, that it feels extra
solid, that it is relatively spacious, that it has airbags out the wazoo,
etc., today - in around-town driving - got 77.6 MPG at one point! :-)

I don't miss the moonroof  I had on the last 2 Corollas - although I may a
bit come next spring/summer.  However... what I really *do* miss are:
daytime running lights & most esp. auto-on full headlights, and... why is
there no place to put one's quarters in the Prius?!?!   I've solved the
headlight problem by leaving them on all of the time, since they're
auto-off.  But have yet to find a place for car wash quarters...


Posted by Al Falfa on November 5, 2009, 3:06 am

 But have yet to find a place for car wash quarters...
Congratulations!  Hope you enjoy it.  Find a cup that fits the pop bottle
holder (or whatever it is) on the inside of the front door panel.  Put your
quarters in the cup.

Posted by Cathy on November 5, 2009, 3:59 am

Yeah, supposedly those are extra bottle holders.  Thanks - good idea.  I
presently have some other stuff in there, but this would work


Posted by Peter Granzeau on November 7, 2009, 8:05 pm

In the '04 through '09, they won't handle a 20 oz bottle, the kind you
usually get nowadays from dispensers, so are mostly useless.  They seem
to be intended to hold a 12 oz can or bottle, nothing larger.

Posted by Elmo P. Shagnasty on November 6, 2009, 2:32 am

but, the Prius is a larger car, with different amenities.

You can't justify buying an Accord over a Civic based on price alone,
but if you want the size and amenities, you get what you want/need.

I wish the world would quit seeing the Prius on solely a gas mileage
basis, and start looking at it as a car in the same way they look at
other cars.  Compare it on that basis, and see what you think.

I rented a Corolla when my Prius was in the shop, and while it's a nice
car, it's enough smaller that I wouldn't have one--never mind that it's
cheaper to buy.

If "cheaper to buy" is your criteria for everything in your life, I'd
love to see your house.  Oh, that's NOT your criteria for everything in
your life?


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