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First breakdown

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Posted by john smith on October 18, 2004, 4:13 pm
I was coming off the I-184 connector and applied the breaks at the stop
light. The vehicle slowed, the engine stopped and all the warnings came on
(VSC warning light, check engine warning light, Master warning light).
I was at an intersection so I proceeded on battery for about 2 miles when
the battery indicated low and the vehicle no longer responded to the
accelerator.  I pulled over to a safe place and stopped.
I pushed the park button and pushed the power button. I noticed the power
button was amber vice green. The vehicle went into park fine but after
pushing the power button nothing happened. I pushed the power button again
and nothing happened. (The head lights stayed on, the display stayed on, the
multi-information display stayed on) I then noticed the Hybrid System
Warning light on.
I opened the door to get out and abandon the vehicle when the power turned
off. (Not just the head lights, but the displays as well). I decided to try
and restart the car. I pushed the on button and the car powered up and the
engine started. I noticed the hybrid system warning light still on but
continued home. I turned off the car and waited until Monday to call the

I had one other problem about 3 months ago. I was pulling out of the garage
just after putting into reverse and I pushed the climate controls button and
tried to turn the radio volume down. I was unable to change the radio volume
with either the multi-information display or the steering wheel. Everything
else seemed to work fine. I stopped the car about 15minutes later at my
destination and when I restarted the car the volume started to work again.

Posted by Neil Rutman on October 20, 2004, 4:20 pm
What year Prius do you have?

Neil R

Posted by john smith on October 21, 2004, 12:48 am
 I have and 04! They had to do a complete software upload. Running good now.

Posted by Bill McCalla on October 23, 2004, 8:21 pm
 It's funny you should mention the radio volume problem. My wife said our
newer '04 had the radio volume problem with the steering wheel control but
after a restart, it worked fine. I think I'll have the car checked to avoid
the more serious issue. I've had the warning light problem and slowdown
occur more than once in an '01 and it happened once in the other '04 we
have, but I was able to leave the warning light on when I pulled into the
Toyota dealer to look at. That '04 has been fine since a programming update.

Bill in NC

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