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Posted by carsyoung on April 28, 2006, 4:28 am

Jean B. wrote:

You can view this *concept* vehicle at the Ford site for the 2006
Detroit auto show.  Be warned, you'll need Flash to view it and some
snippets of information about it:
http://www.ford.com/en/vehicles/autoShows/detroit/2006/default.htm?Proj=AS&Location  06_Detroit

The problem with concept vehicles is that many of them never make it to
production...  (Note that the Prius was shown as a concept vehicle at
the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show, and looked outwardly like a Corolla with
hybrid innards...  And wasn't available as a production vehicle until
1997 (1998 model year) in Japan.)  The other problem with the listed
vehicle is that it is diesel, and it'll still be another year or two
before the US sees any clean diesel around here...

Posted by Jean B. on April 28, 2006, 10:49 pm

carsyoung@gmail.com wrote:

http://www.ford.com/en/vehicles/autoShows/detroit/2006/default.htm?Proj=AS&Location  06_Detroit

I gather there is no plan at the current time to produce this
for the market, alas.  If they do, I hope they will make the
doors more normal....  I guess there'll be a while to think
about that.  And now with the possibility of a 90-mph Prius in
2008, I might just wait for that!

Jean B.

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