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Posted by on December 30, 2006, 8:38 pm

mark_digital© wrote:

Higher elevations would be a factor except I live 5 minutes from the
beach...even before I moved, I was very close to sea level.  What is
this "Limited Participation" you are talking about?
Two doors down ;) you'll see a post from Greg. Subject line "Limited

For awhile, mandatory alcohol mix was suspended because it couldn't be made
fast enough. Maybe that's why you got such good mileage.  Believe me, fuel
mixture and altitude plays havoc on all vehicles not only the Prius.  While
I was vacationing in Colorado my fuel efficiency dropped drastically. A
Toyota dealer there said everyone is affected but don't realize how bad
because they don't venture too far from home. For them it's normal.  He also
said if I planned to stay I would start seeing better fuel effeciency in a
few weeks. The last day heading home I traveled 500 miles from the Great
Lakes to Massachusetts.  Once I reached the lower elevation of NY I
immediately felt a better response.

There's also a possibility your batteries are taking longer to get to the
warmer more efficient state simply because early sun isn't there. Days are
going to get longer by what, two minutes each day? Before you know it, the
ambient temp and sunlight will catch up to each other and you'll be back to
52 +. The thing to remember is everyone's mileage suffers in the cold
climate.  Don't compare someone else's summertime MPG. It's also probably a
one time fluke and that's the tank they remember and talk about.

Posted by Michael Pardee on December 30, 2006, 9:57 pm

Maybe I'm lucky. Here at 7000 ft our two 2002s manage upper 40s to lower 50s
around town until the winter gets here.


Posted by on December 31, 2006, 1:01 am

I don't know where 'around here' is but like I said, if you're there long
The dealer said I would see upper 40's but not anything like I was getting
back home.

Posted by Michael Pardee on December 31, 2006, 2:32 pm

Greetings from Flagstaff, Arizona! We make a lot of trips to the Phoenix
area (about 1200 ft) and I agree the economy is a little better there -
probably about 5 mpg - but Phoenix is mostly flat while our mountain town is
pretty hilly.

Come to think of it, freeway mileage is noticeably better at lower
altitudes. Hmm....


Posted by Claudio on December 31, 2006, 5:43 pm

Michael Pardee wrote:

Greetings from Rome, Italy:
I also noticed an higher fuel comsumption during winter with my Sept.
2005 Prius, but no difference from Rome to Torino (about 450 miles).
Are you sure about the quality of the fuel?
Usually fuels sold in different areas, also if the same brand, may come
from different petrol, may be that this is the problem: why not try to
refuel from another brand?

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