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Posted by mrv@kluge.net on June 9, 2006, 5:58 pm

Alive&Kicking wrote:

Just be careful about what sort of gallons that you are converting
into/from!  There's the US gallon, and the Imperial gallon.  (The
Imperial gallon is about 1.201 US gallons.)


To convert x L/100 km to y MPG, perform:
235.2146  x L/100 km = y MPG (US liquid gallon), or
282.481  x L/100 km = y MPG (Imperial gallon)

To convert a MPG to b L/100 km, perform:
235.2146  a mpg (US liquid gallon) = b L/100 km, or
282.481  a MPG (Imperial gallon) = b L/100 km

To convert m km/L to n mpg, perform:
2.352146 * m km/L = n mpg (US liquid gallon), or
2.82481 * m km/L = n mpg (Imperial gallon)

To convert c MPG to d km/L, perform:
0.4251437 * c mpg (US liquid gallon) = d km/L, or
0.354006 * c mpg (Imperial gallon) = d km/L

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