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Posted by Jenny Dybedahl on April 4, 2005, 5:02 pm

I got my Prius on Jan. 19 this year. That means I've mostly driven it
in the worst possible conditions as regards fuel economy - it's been
cold and I've had studded tires (as is legally required during winter
months in Sweden).

So far I've driven her somewhat more than 6000 kms, so I've barely
gone past the initial shakedown period. Currently she's running at
about 5 litres/100 kms. I'm expecting the consumption to be still
lower when she gets a few more miles under the hood (and after I've
changed to summer tires).

I drive mostly to/from work, which is 19 kms one way (according to the
monitor :-) in mixed conditions - first it's a highway and then it's
city traffic, i.e. stoplights and such.

I'll be happy to post further data when I've had her a bit longer. So
far I'll just say that it's the best car I've owned and worth every

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Posted by Gompie on April 6, 2005, 10:08 pm

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confirm this

I live in Europe (Belgium), and we've done 2000km's in our one month old
Prius now.

I've been doing some testing regarding the fuel consumption and have found
the following:
(Always 95 RON fuel)

City consumption: +- 5 liters/100km
Regional roads (70/90 km/h): 4.5 liters/100km
Constant 100km/h speed: 5 liters/100km
Constant 130km/h speed: 6 liters/100km
Constant 180km/h speed (seems to be the electronically limited top speed):
10 liters/100km.

All speeds are, of course, the ones indicated on the speedometer, and are
slightly higher than real speeds.

Overall average is 5.4 liters/100km now, which I'm very satisfied with, and
I'm sure no other current petrol driven car could ever come close to that.

The catalog consumption of 4.3 l/100km is the one measured by the EU
standards, and is always lower than real-life consumption, not only for
hybrid cars.


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