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How do Prius rate in collisions?

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Posted by BobDavis on December 6, 2006, 7:51 pm

How do Prius rate in collisions...front...back...side...car falling on
them from outer space?  Some friends of mine were killed in what I
thought was a safe large sedan recently and I guess it scared the hell
out of me about cars as being invulnerable chariots of safety...

Posted by Paul Russell on December 6, 2006, 8:21 pm

BobDavis@nospamplease.net wrote:

In Europe the Prius has one of the highest overall safety ratings:
<http://www.euroncap.com/content/safety_ratings/details.php?id1=3&id2 3>.


Posted by BobDavis on December 7, 2006, 4:21 pm


Thanks.  Don't Europeans drive smaller vehicles than in the US?

Posted by Paul Russell on December 7, 2006, 4:31 pm

BobDavis@nospamplease.net wrote:

Unfortunately there's been a trend towards SUVs and larger vehicles in
general in recent years, so as with so many other things, we're heading
the same way as the US. Lifted pickup trucks can't be too far off now.


Posted by on December 7, 2006, 9:17 pm

My own experience probably wouldn't be of any help to you because mine is a
2003.  I can say though, from what I've observed, Prius owners seem to be
less inclined to race a yellow light, and instead sit quietly for the next
green. According to one study from a well known insurance company Prius
drivers tend to abide by the speed limit.
In this past week I've seen two SUV's in two seperate incidences roll over
onto their side, back up traffic miles and miles while a wrecker right sided
them back up. If it were up to me I'd let them sit there until the traffic
died down.  Carelessness shouldn't be rewarded by speedy service.

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