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Posted by Ron Peterson on April 12, 2009, 2:01 pm

The Insight's electric motor provides 13 HP compared to 67 HP for the
Prius. That has a major impact on city driving with regenerative
braking less able to recover energy while stopping.

The original Insight used aluminum extensively to lower weight and
improve crashworthiness.


Posted by Michelle Steiner on March 31, 2009, 2:10 pm

I think you have the wrong newsgroup; the Hummer group is down the hall.

It's now time for healing, and for fixing the damage the GOP did to America.

Posted by Justbob30 on March 31, 2009, 2:29 pm
 Yes Tommy, People do, in spite of your obvious hybrid misinformation and
disgust for anything different than what you have.  you have posted 2 vague
accusations now, post some facts and, please don't post that tired urban
legend about the nickel mines in Canada that were cleaned up 10 years before
the Hybrid was introduced

Posted by Ttoommy on April 2, 2009, 6:47 am
 thus spoke the green taliban :(

CO2 MUST be cut by 80% by 2050 yet even green experts say its only higher
than the 14th C by 30% - WTF?

Posted by Lucius Accius on April 2, 2009, 6:02 pm
 Ttoommy wrote:

Those are percentages of two different things, in much
the same way that the debt and the deficit are different.

The 80% cut by 2050 refers to CO2 emissions.  Globally,
we're currently emitting on the order of 30 billion
tonnes of CO2 annually.

The 30% increase refers to the amount of CO2 in the
atmosphere, currently 387 ppmv, or about 3 trillion

Cutting emissions by 80% by 2050 would mean that
atmospheric CO2 levels should peak at around 450 to 500
ppmv, or about 60-80% higher than pre-industrial levels.

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