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Posted by Kevin Kirkeby on February 6, 2005, 2:13 am
There was no dealer mark-ups or addons required here in Jax, FL. The car I
bought had a $9 paperwork fee and I bought the extended warrantee (with
works out to 60% commision for the dealer.)


Posted by John J. DeGrazia on February 6, 2005, 6:54 am
Thanks Bill!
There should have been a comma between license and plate (license,  paint
sealant). I now feel pretty silly. but I enjoy the joke as much as the next

I know that all of the options I bought were a huge markup for the dealer.
But many of them are actually worth something. The Teflon paint sealant is
really the only way you can get any guarantee on the paint. Since the
manufacturers have had to ban lead from auto paint. they can no longer
guarantee it for more than a year.

The light tan fabric of the interior just begs to be stained by my two kids
and our dog. So I really have to justify the additional fabric protection.
Heck. I have spilled my share of coffee in my older cars.

The only option that I bought that I now question is the satellite version
of the lo-jack system. I am pretty certain that the built in anti-theft
technology in this vehicle are quite extensive and comprehensive. However...
Here, next to the Mexican border, and Tijuana, if we get a car stolen, that
is usually where it goes. Lo-Jack works on cell phone antenna cells, and it
does NOT work south of the boarder.

I know I paid a premium for all of those options. I could be considered
foolish by some. And rightfully so. I don't buy a new car very often, and I
really like having the newest high tech technology. I don't think I would
pay anything for it, but I would pay a fair price.

05 Package 6
Driftwood Pearl
124 miles @ 40.3 average MPG
Every one of them driven with a shit eatin; grin!

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