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ICE Shuts Down Perhaps Too Often

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Posted by casagiannoni on October 7, 2013, 5:35 pm
    My 2001 prius will run just fine. After its warmed up, when
it's stopped in traffic , the ICE almost always shuts down completely,
and rarely starts again, until the car moves again, when the electric
will start the roll and the ICE quickly kicks in again. Often after a
very prolonged stop, the ICE will remain off until startup. I am
concerned about what may be happening to both batteries.

Whats happening here? I seem to recal some time ago, the ICE cycling
on and off while the Prius was stopped  

Informed coomments will be greatly appreciated and thanks  ...

Posted by Le Forgeron on October 7, 2013, 7:15 pm
Le 07/10/2013 19:35, casagiannoni@optonline.net nous fit lire :

the ICE need cycling on to keep on temperature (for pollution reduction,
it is best when the engine is hot enough, including the exhausting
pipe). Once hot enough, there is no reason for the ICE to be on at a
long stop (unless natural cooling reduces the temperature below the
point where it is better to run the ICE again or HV battery is low)

The 12V battery will never be used to power the electric motor. At worst
you will drain it with the accessories and the electronic (and driving
with full-light on all night with AC full on...).

When the HV battery is drained low, it will force the ICE on. At that
time, both batteries will get a charging phase (the excess of gas burned
in the ICE will get transformed in electricity to charge). Once the HV
battery is up again, it might charge the 12V battery too without the ICE
if the road does not ask too much of it. (the 12V is a slow charging
one, whereas the HV is a fast charging)

And IIRC, when you brake lightly, the HV battery get charged too, even
without ICE on.

Just drive. Why bother ?

At worst, look at the display about the battery level and energy
transfert. (but there is no jauge for the 12V battery)

Posted by Stephen G. Giannoni on September 24, 2014, 5:06 pm
 I noted that this was exactly my own experience, then saw that I was
the original poster about a year ago. Must be getting old  ...

On Mon, 07 Oct 2013 13:35:23 -0400, casagiannoni@optonline.net wrote:

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