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Posted by dbs__usenet on November 1, 2005, 6:10 am
gcowan@eagle.ca wrote:

Ok, so it needs pure oxygen in quantities large enough to run an
internal combustion engine?  Where does that come from?  A 1 litre engine
running at 4500 RPM would seem to suck 4500 litres of oxygen per minute.
That's a lot.

I read somewhere of a silver filter to adress the above, but that would
imply that you have perfectly filtered air presented to the filter so
the filter will not clog.

If this is such a great idea, where are the proof of concept vehicles
garaged?  I've seen proof of concept vehicles for all manner of strange
batteries, solar and various gasses, but never for boron.  Why?

Posted by Michael Pardee on November 1, 2005, 12:25 pm

This is certainly one of the reasons I put it in the "also ran" category for
now. We are more steps away from putting boron on the road than we are with
many of the competing technologies. Considering there was even a (failed)
proof of concept car for that odd theory about using electron spin as an
energy source, and a rumor of one for that laser-on-gallium cold fusion
thing, it is a telling point.


Posted by richard schumacher on November 1, 2005, 2:54 pm

Or even the French compressed air car that made some of the popular
media a year or so ago.  These things are all hopelessly impractical,
tinkerer's wet dreams, and will never see the light of day.

Posted by G. R. L. Cowan on November 1, 2005, 5:42 pm
 Michael Pardee wrote:

It is, but only if you assume that all of the large
amount of talk that would have to precede proof-of-concept
vehicles' construction, you would not be privy to ...

I should disclose that I'm the main boron fan.
I wrote the crap about silver filters; I have learned
more since. Zeolite PSA will do the job, just barely.
It's plenty efficient enough, but big and heavy.
This rather hard-to-read paper --
http://www.adsorption.com/publications/AdsorberDes2.pdf  --
makes me think the principal impurity in PSA-produced oxygen
is argon, not nitrogen as I say at
http://www.eagle.ca/~gcowan/Paper_for_11th_CHC.html  .

'dbs_use' points out a real difficulty with the use
of enriched oxygen in an open cycle, where the working
fluid/oxidant goes through once, and as said, the
volume rate would typically be thousands of litres per minute.

However, the 100 kW of minus-delta-'G'
that a car motor turns into 20 or 30 kW
at the drive wheels requires, if the fuel is octane,
that per minute only about 320 zero-Celsius 1-atm litres
of oxygen react. If it is boron, about 170.

So the semi-closed cycle, by replacing only the oxygen
that actually reacts or leaks, very much -- about 40 times,
I guess, -- reduces the oxygen supply problem,
and changing the reductant from octane to boron
reduces it almost twofold again.

(The reduction would not be so good if the replacement
for octane, a C-H compound, were a B-H compound.
But it's not. Just boron, no hydrogen at all.)

--- Graham Cowan, former hydrogen fan
boron as energy carrier: real-car range, nuclear cachet

Posted by Kukuriku on October 29, 2005, 11:14 pm
 JBDen wrote:

*We used horses for hundreds of years for transportation, Free energy,
very bio-degradable too, renewable resource, horse shit can be used for
any thing,in the garden grow plants or heat the house!
What happened?
Switched to fossil fuel driven automobiles, now we fighting wars for
oil, polluting the planet to death!
How stupid mankind is!

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