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Installing a 2-way Radio in a 2006 Prius

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Posted by John Blalock on September 14, 2006, 7:23 am

I just passed the 3000 mile mark with my new 2006 Prius.  Best record so far
for my 52-mile commute to work is 59.5 mpg.  About three times the mpg I was
getting with my Highlander! I like the car and am glad I got it.
I am an amateur radio operator and would like to install a transceiver in
the Prius.  I'm thinking of a small 2-Meter rig.  I'd like to hear from
other hams that have installed equipment in the Prius.  How did you do it?
Any radiated RFI problems?  Any RFI from the Prius to the transceiver?  Any
recommendations or experiences will be appreciated.
The owners manual cautions you about installing a two-way radio in the
Prius.  Emails asking for recommendations that I have sent to Toyota go
unanswered, my dealer says "go ahead!" with no recommendations.  I think
what I need is a radio that can be trunk-mounted near the battery in the
right rear corner of the vehicle.  I'd would need to remote the mike,
speaker, and control panel to the dash.  How many Amps can I draw from this
battery when transmitting without causing problems?
Thanks for your help,
-john, W7AAY

Posted by Bill Powell on September 15, 2006, 1:06 am


Go for it!

I have a Motiorola high-band dash mounted with the antenna on the
right front fender, a Yaesu 7800 and Alinco 220 in a home-made
"console" with Larsen glass-mount antennas mounted on the rear quarter
A HF antenna mounts on a 2" hitch adapter.

Except for some weak rolling "comb" spurs in odd places in the 2m
band, no problems at all.

There is an OLD E-Mail stating that 100W is fine so long as wiring is
done in accordance with Toyota recommendations.

Why?  I run everything up front and via a pair of #10 stranded with a
W4RRY battery booster in the bottom of the "console" to take care of
regulation and voltage drop.

Battery and inverter fused at 100A.  Recommend using a DC circuit
breaker rated at 40A back at the battery.

Bill Powell - WB1GOT
04 Prius "Trey" - NJ HALFGAS

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