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Posted by Bob Wilson on May 3, 2006, 11:24 am

Subject: Why I changed to Traveler's

Tom Moths
Traveler's Insurance

Dear Tom,

With independent insurance agent Jim Schrader's help, we moved from
Allstate to Traveler's thanks to the hybrid vehicle discount. We have
done business with Allstate for decades and they have been good to us.
But when I had to replace my '91 Camry with no option to repair it, a
lot of good will went away. I bought a used, 2003 Prius hybrid and a
couple of months later, learned that your company was going to offer a
hybrid-electric discount. That made this switch possible for both cars
today and shortly, the house.

I have found that driving a Prius encourages conservative, alert habits
because we want to save gas. I get better mileage by taking a shorter,
more direct route further saving gas and avoiding high speed traffic.
The 2003 Prius has greatly improved safety features and excellent
performance. That Traveler's recognizes the unique characteristics of
hybrid electrics and their owners is just icing on the cake. But even
with the hybrid discount, Traveler's was not the least expensive

You have my business because of Traveler's recognition of the valuable
role hybrids play in our nation's future. It is my small recognition and
admiration for your doing the right thing. Thank you for leading the way
and I look forward to a long and successful association.

Robert J. Wilson "Bob"

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